April 19, 2012

Family Chart with Elmer's and X-acto - and giveaway

We try to have a family night every week.  I needed a new chart to keep track of who was in charge of what thing and when I saw this big box of goodies that just arrived from Elmer's and X-acto, I dived right in:
First off, I had the kids use the paint markers to decorate a clothespin for themselves.  They had fun doing it and being involved:

My daughter even made you a video praising the paint pens - - (just ignore the typical 9 year old input at the end...)

The kit came with tons of templates.  The benefit of these is that you can get multiple sizes of one thing - instead of buying a punch or something that will only give you one size.  With the multiple size template you can create layers and all types of fun things.  Here's what the back of the package looks like, so you can see all the size options:

I chose to use the tags template.  Believe it or not, I have never used an X-acto knife before and was excited to try it out.

And here's a quick video of me demonstrating the Exacto Knife - it was late at night, so bad lighting, and for some reason you can't hear me - oh well, I just say everything that I mentioned above.

Then I used some washi tape - also a first for me - on the tags to pretty them up just a little.  The tape comes in the kit as well.  I think it turned out pretty cute - it could probably use a little more sprucing up, but it works for now - the clothespins are my favorite part:
My favorite things in the kit are the amazing scissors, the glue dots, and the paint pens.  One day I plan to do this to my basement bathroom - just draw on lines with a paint pen like PersiaLou:

So, if you noticed, this is a giveway.  Two lucky readers can win a kit just like the one I got - wahoo!!

I'm going to try Rafflecopter - several of you say you love it.  Let me know what you think - hopefully I'll get it set up right.  Giveaway ends in a week...
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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this is cute and usable. For my family we had this house with these little velcro things that feel apart really easily. (as far as I remember anyways, I could be wrong)

This is really cute. So fun that you go the kids involved in making it too!

This stuff looks really cool to have fun with!

Yay for Rafflecopter!!! Just a heads up, the Elmer's Facebook page has your link in it too it looks like, so it's not working. The board you made looks fun though! I got one for my wedding with horseshoe nails to hold the names under each task!

Looks like fun! My 9 year old would do almost the exact same thing. She loves that kind of stuff, and she would die for a kit that let her craft her pants off.

tried following Facebook Elmers but link not working :)

What a great idea and fun craft for everyone to do together!

Your like Elmers/SugerBee on FB is not working.

I've never seen the templates from exacto but am so glad they came out with them because it's something I would definetly use!

Love how fast this FHE chart would come together. Great idea! The kids look like they loved helping out.

So excited! Thank you again!!

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