Felt Fashion Mix and Match

I love getting packages – don’t we all!!  Sometimes I think half the fun of ordering something is that it will come as a package.  With craft supplies, Trevor buying motercycle parts online, etc, we get quite a bit of packages – almost never for the kids.

So when a box came and my preschooler asked “is it for me” like she always does and I replied “nope, it has my name on it” she was ecstatic when I opened it to find a bunch of felt fashion supplies and I said “oh look, it is for you after all!”  You can buy these Felt Fashion Mix and Matches at Hobby Lobby – – look at this great assortment I was sent for my girls to try out:

 It happened to be spring break and the kids had some of their cousins over, so we just made it an impromtu crafting party.  The felt pieces are so easy that there was no prep work or anything.  I just gave the girls that big pile and told them to make what they wanted – super fun for them!!

My favorite was the pack of felt buttons – those have so much potential!!

 The girls loved the felt animals – it was so easy for them to make these headbands – they just glued the felt animal on and that was it – – my girls are still wanting to wear theirs, which is the true test.  A lot of times if I make them a hair thing they’ll wear it that day and then forget about it.  But with these, they LOVE them, and I think it’s because they created them themselves:

 I grabbed all these pictures from my daughter’s camera (remember, mine broke) – it was fun to download the pictures and see they they were taking pictures of themselves and the things they made:

So recap, what I loved most about the Felt Fashion Mix and Match was the easiness of use – the girls could complete a super cute project with minimal supervision – my kind of craft for them :)

We only had 2 purses  and 4 girls on our crafting day, so we’ve yet to fun up the purses – I’m sure that will come soon – I’ll keep you posted.  Here’s a few pictures from the company of possible things you and your girls can make with the felt products at Hobby Lobby:

So if you or a little crafter of yours needs a quick, fun, cute, project, this might be the perfect thing!!

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    These are so cute! I had to laugh about your statement about getting packages in the mail. Between me getting packages for blogging and the hubby getting packages from where he works at home, FedEx or UPS is here almost every day. I told the hubs we are probably on a “most-watched” list somewhere haha

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