April 16, 2012

In case you were wondering....

--yes, progress is being made on our kitchen, although we just had to order additional tile and it will take a couple of weeks:

--I inform giveaway winners via email.  If I can't find your email I shout out for you on Facebook or try to find you on your blog or something.  I really do try my best to track people down.  I don't usually write posts naming the giveaway winners, mainly because I think I write too many posts as it is and don't want to overload you.

-In case clicking over to Facebook was too much of a hassle to "like" me, I added an even easier way - a facebook button box thing right there on the right-hand sidebar - enjoy :)

--Did you see Project Run and Play - - wow, great stuff!  Turns out I was the first one eliminated - bummer - I was hoping to make it through at least round 1.  Oh well.

--I am going to SNAP at the end of this week.  Someone needs to tell me what to wear.  I think the outfit I wore on TV last week is a good one, but I need 2 more outfits - any ideas?  Through WIWW, you've basically seen my whole wardrobe.

--Don't worry, I'm going to work hard today and tomorrow and get a bunch of posts prescheduled - so you won't even know I'm gone.  I'll try to update my FB page with all the fun happening at SNAP - you know, take my picture non-chalantly with a big-name bloggers in the background so it looks like I'm hanging out with all the cool gals...

--A few weeks ago I came in 3rd place for SoYouThinkYou'reCrafty - I was secretly hoping for 3rd place because it's the prize pack that came with fabric!  I got some fun stuff from Belle-Adore Boutique, along with a fabric gift certificate to Lily Bella Fabrics - which I used to help buy my very first jelly roll and a quilt pattern designed for using jelly rolls - - looks cute and simple:

--Has anyone use that "rafflecopter" giveaway entry form thing on other blogs? Do you like it? Would you like me to try using it?

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In that case, I'll be taking pictures with you in the background ;)

In that case, I'll be taking pictures with you in the background ;)

In that case, I'll be taking pictures with you in the background ;)

In that case, I'll be taking pictures with you in the background ;)

I'm a huge fan of Rafflecopter. It makes entering giveaways much quicker and easier! Alot of times if there is a giveaway that doesn't have rafflecopter, I have to really love what they've got up for grabs of I don't enter. Lazy? Maybe, but I read 200+ blogs on an average day. I've only go so much time :)

1. We will miss you on PRP---you have a fun practical style that is perfect for kids.

2. You are always posting cute clothes so whatever you wear you will be darling.

3. I'm jealous of your new counter tops.

Your kitchen looks beautiful! I wish I was attending SNAP but it just wasn't in the budget this year, have fun! I am a new follower and can't wait to see more!
Modern Modest Beauty

I like the rafflecoptor form. The only drawback is when those setting up the giveaway do not link the proper things when setting up the rafflecoptor form. As in, it says to "like" someone on FB, and the link was not set up properly...you get the idea.

Have fun at SNAP!!

I agree with a PP.. I haven't used rafflecopter to have a giveaway, but when a blog uses one, I am way more apt to enter all the options because it makes it so easy.

Oh, oh, oh.... I want your new kitchen in my house. Fabulous: so far...

WOW! What a kitchen! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Your going to snap? My husband is one of the vendors for the Queen Bee Market, Sweet Old Stuff. I will be there but mostly behind the scenes at the market. It would be awesome to bump into you though. :)


I have used Rafflecopter to enter blog giveaways and to host my own... and I LOVE it! I almost won't enter now if the blog doesn't use it because it's so much faster and easier.

Another Rafflecopter lover here! Both as an entrant and host. They are easy to set up and they just added a feature do you can have a picture of the prize directly on the widget. Easy to moderate too.

Have a time at the conference! I'm sure you'll find 2 great outfits to wear.

As for Rafflecopter, I have a love/hate relationship with them. I have read a lot of feedback from others though that say they prefer them.

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