Mexican Pie

Finally – a recipe post!!  So all around Pinterest you see these delicious-looking meals, that require hours and hours of prep.  I got to thinking that people should be sharing their “go-to” meals.  You know, you have a standard maybe 10 meals that you make repetitively – at least I do.  I fill in with fancy or different ones, but I’ve got several main ones I can whip up anytime.

Mexican Pie is one my standard meals.  I don’t know why it’s called “mexican pie” because I’m sure it’s not very Mexican, and it’s not very pie-like, but whatever.  I make it different every time, so if you’re a exact-measurement type of person (which I am when I’m baking, but not when I’m cooking dinner) this might be a hard-to-read post for you.  But if you’re looking for a new go-to meal, I may have the answer!

First up, I realize I’m not a food photographer – they could have made this look delicious!!

So, start off with about 1 pound of hamburger – – if you’re on top of things, you might even have baggies of pre-cooked hamburger in your freezer.  You can add whatever to it you’d like – often I throw in diced green peppers, but this time I didn’t have any.  I put in onions and a little taco seasoning.

Then I like to have a filler to go with the hamburger – but you could just use straight hamburger, which I’ve done several times.  Anyways, filler – often I use some leftover cooked rice.  This time I didn’t have any leftover rice on hand, so I made some Quinoa – -

Meanwhile, grab a box of corn muffin mix and make it according to the directions on the back.  Then drain a can of corn and dump the corn into the muffin batter – just to add more to the meal.  Sometimes I make it without the can of corn.

 Now, take your hamburger mix and stir in the quinoa or rice or whatever or nothing.  Sometimes I add black beans as more filler.  I was out of black beans so I threw in Red Kidney Beans.  Sometimes I don’t put in beans at all.  Take that mix and add about 1 cup of Salsa – mmmm.  Stir it all together. Then put it all into a baking dish:

 Pour the cornbread mixture on top:

 Bake at 350 until the cornbread is cooked all the way through in the middle (you can see where I poked this to make sure it was cooked) – maybe 30-40 minutes:

That’s it!  Dish it out….

Then I like to chop it all up on my plate.  You can add salsa and sour cream, etc, to top it off.


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    This is my kind of meal! I think it is so cool that it can be made so many different ways. Have you tried it with chicken? And maybe add some cream of chicken soup and or some diced tomatoes with green chilies? I bet that would be good, too.

    Now this just might be what we have for supper tonight!

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