April 21, 2012


I know I normally post food things on Saturdays, but lately I've gotten pretty lazy about baking.  Maybe it's the kitchen-under-construction - - anyways, I thought I'd share some things from my Food Pinterest Board that are on my to-make-very-soon list...

Apple Nachos - I've these on my to-do list since before Pinterest - I must get to them!!  From How Sweet It Is:

French Toast Bake - we have breakfast-for-dinner every Tuesday so I'm always looking for new things to try - this looks amazing - from What's Cooking, Love?:

White Chocolate Lemon Truffles from K Bakes - I can't grab a picture, but they look and sound great!

Rootbeer Float Popsicles - you know we love rootbeer - these will be awesome when it's hot outside - from  Butter Me Up Brooklyn:

Banana Split Pie - - um, yes!!  From Natalie's Killer Cuisine:

These brownie cookie things that have no link - someone tell me where they're from - - I think my family will love them:
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And this mousse cake - wowza - from Duhlicious - - I've made a "candy cake" but it's the mousse part of this that's intriguing..

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I made those brownie cookie things. They were SO EASY and DELICIOUS. My favorite combination.

I had pinned those brownie/cookie things too. I might make the cookie dough myself though because I don't like the store bought kind.


I did the same thing when I made them, using cupcake tins (but I used liners!)

I've made the cinnamon cake, and I can attest that it is AMAZING!!!! Definitely easy, and so delicious! (I like adding nuts though, but I like nuts)

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