Nano Business Cards

I got new business cards, and I’m in love!!!  Of course I have to show them off to you:

They are called “nano” cards and were send to me from Printfirm – you can find the nano ones here.  They are 2×2, so basically a normal business card cut in half.  They are just different enough that they really stand out.  I got several comments and tweets at SNAP (the blog conference) from people saying they loved my cards.  That’s what I was looking for – a way to stand out!

I designed them on Photoshop Elements, but I’m sure you could do the same thing with any free type of photo software.  On the front was my logo, name, email, and my handle for facebook, twitter, and pinterest.  I changed all the handles to “sugarbeecrafts” so they’re all the same (twitter used to be “sugarbeecraft”) and I could group them together on the card.

On the back I made a QR code, which is something you scan with your smart phone.  When you scan it, your phone will automatically start loading – pretty cool.  I got the tip on making a QR code from Craftaholics Anonymous.

Another GREAT idea for these Nano Cards are TAGS – if you ever sell things in boutiques or wherever and you need tags, how easy would it be to print some of these up for that use – awesome!  Just leave the back blank so you can write a price on it.

I used a ton of my cards at SNAP – – -

It was genius, when we registered we got an empty ring with a hole punch attached.  Then whenever we got a card from someone, we would punch it and attach it to the ring.  Great idea:

Like I said, I really think mine stood out some – I was happy to pass them out and show them off to everyone.  They were one of my favorite cards – of course, I’m super biased.  I thought you might enjoying seeing some of the other business cards that were out there

 If you want some Nano Business Cards, be sure to check out PrintFirm.
 Like it says on their site: If you are looking for a business card that is exotic or unusual, you are ready for mini business card printing.  

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    Your cards were so cute. I loved the square idea. I totally loved the ring with whole punch… very genius. P.S. I spy my card. HE HE! Thanks for your comment too. xo, jen

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