April 9, 2012

Origami Flowers

Check out these Origami Flowers I made - - I did it!!

They look kind of complicated, but they're not.  You just follow the directions, I found them at Folding Trees HERE, and it makes one petal, then you repeat and glue all the petals together when you're done.  I could make them without using the directions, just from memory, after I'd done a couple of petals.

Did you know there's special origami paper?? It's perfectly square, and thinner than normal paper so that it folds well.  You can find it back by the calligraphy in Michael's, but they don't carry the double-sided kind.  But don't worry - you can find that on Etsy and it's super cheap.   
I got mine from the Loving Paper etsy shop - they sent me some to try out - it shipped super quickly and I was excited to have double sided paper - it makes the origami look so great.  I'd recommend ordering from them - it's only $2 for a whole pack.

Check out this amazing bouqtiue made out of the same type of flowers - see details over at Capitol Romance:

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5 Fabulous Comments:

That bouquet is gorgeous! I love the flowers. So colorful too.

Oh my goodness! That bouquet is to-die-for! I can't help but think...Yikes...that's day off my life, though.

Yours are absolutely adorable too, Mandy! : )

BEAUTIFUL! You did a great job! And, that bouquet is amazing!

'Gorgeous' is definitely the first word that comes to mind with that bouquet.

I am curious about how you held the flowers together though. Stems? or did you just glue them?

Oh my goodness that bouquet is CRAZY COOL!! So bright and colorful!!!

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