April 27, 2012

Patching Toms

just quick heads up if you have TOMS shoes - or if you're thinking about getting them - they need patched!  Toes poke and make worn spots.

Did you know that you can buy sticky-backed patches at Joanns (and other places I'm sure)??  Just cut a chunk, peel off the backing, and stick it up above your toes from the inside of the shoe. (in the picture one patch is right-side up and one is up-side down)

I did this recently when my worn spot was just starting to show - there's not a hole, yet.  And now my toe will have to wear through the patch denim stuff before it can make a hole.

I WISH I would have done this the minute I bought the shoes - then maybe I wouldn't even have a worn spot.  So, moral of the story, if you buy TOMS, right from day one, IMMEDIATELY PATCH THEM when they're new, because wear is inevitable, and that way you'll be wearing on your patch instead of wearing on the shoe. So that's your heads up.

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Patch it before there's a hole - DUH! I have a fairly new pair that is going to get this treatment now. Thanks!

Great idea, fix it before it has a chance to get a hole!!

Thank you so so much I have been looking for patches for mine but could not find them. I am excited to head on over to Joannes. I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I featured your "Giant picture" over at my "This Weeks Pinterest Loves" post today. I would love for you to come and check it out and grab a featured button from my blog.

Have a beautiful Weekend
Whitney Ulrich
A mommy's life...with a touch of YELLOW

BRILLIANT idea Mandy!!! I have a newish pair that haven't worn yet. I had a old pair before that I wore through holes on both toes and finally threw them out. :( Hopefully I can make mine last longer now, thanks! I also found this tutorial recently about patching TOMS after they've got the toe holes, and it's really cute! Thought you might be interested. :) http://pinterest.com/pin/246149935853657431/

You are my little hero today! I bought my first pair of Tom's 3 days ago! I had zero idea they would wear like that and I will be buying my sticky patches this weekend:) Gracias, Senorite

I just got my very first pair so this is so timely! Thanks for the heads up. I'd hate to have a worn spot on my most comfortable pair of shoes.

Ooh good to know! Mine haven't worn yet, there's still time!!! Thanks Mandy!

I had seen this last year and I just now got my first pair of Toms and remembered you had done this, so I came looking for the exact type of patch you used. I'm going to be proactive about this and get the patch in before the snow melts (after that I'll be wearing them all the time!) Thank you!!

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