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Remember, each week I give you a brief glimpse in photos of the non-crafty side of life…this is a day late cause I normally do photo glimpse posts on Saturdays – oh well…

My grandpa, “Gramps”, my mom’s dad, was a few weeks shy of turning 92 – he passed away while I was at SNAP.  He was robust right up until a few weeks ago.  

For those of you that are LDS, you’ll know the significance of him being able to tour the new Temple in the Kansas City are – he was the branch president and then Bishop of the first Liberty ward to be established again since the time of Joseph Smith.  So to go from that small start to think that there is now a temple in the area is amazing.  He got to tour the temple a couple of weeks ago, and we were all hoping he’d be here for the Dedication.  At the funeral the speaker waved Gramp’s tickets to the Temple Dedication to the crowd saying something like “his tickets just came in today, with his name on them.  I suppose he preferred to attend the dedication with his sweetheart instead.”  His wife, my mom’s mom, died a couple months after I was born, of cancer.

Gramps had 12 children.  Makes for quite the posterity.  I think he has around 78 grand and great-grandchildren.

He was also a veteran of World War II – – at the graveside service he was given a 21 gun salute.

I believe in a great eternal plan where families can be together forever.  I know he is happy with his wife and that we’ll get to see him again.

And random-ish picture, my dad’s parents came into town for the funeral, so here’s them, my parents, my family, and my brother and his wife, after the funeral:

I stand by my mantra “worst place ever to take a picture:  church gym”

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    Sorry for your loss as well. That was really sweet of your dad’s parents to come into town for the funeral. Those are some fabulous pictures. Thanks for sharing and good luck to your family right now.

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    I’m sorry your grampa died. He sounds like a wonderful man.

    The gun salute and the flag thing is just amazing. I’m so glad they still do that for veterans. They did that for my grandpa too and it was very special.

    Love ya!

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    I am so glad that your Grandpa will get to be at the dedication with his sweet wife, if she passed on just after you were born that reunion is long overdue …. Its wonderful getting to celebrate a well lived life of a loved one.

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    Sorry about your Gramps, Mandy. It sounds like he had a very full and happy life. The speaker’s remarks were so sweet. I’m sure he was right and that they’re watching over you and your family until you’re all together again.

    Blessings, Mary

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    Mandy, I just read your post this morning. I’m so sorry for the loss of your grandfather. My condolences go to you and your mom and your family. What a blessing that you were able to keep him around for so long. He looks like he was a wonderful man. Our prayers are with you and your family. What a blessing to know that families are forever!

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