April 2, 2012

Quote Box - hide the eyesore

We have a breaker box on our wall in the basement.  The previous owners did a nice job of putting a cabinet front around it to hide it, but for me that sticks out almost as much.

Then when I saw this printable over at I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar, I knew I needed it.  My favorite line is where it says: "We were born to make manifest the Glory of God that is within us."  Very motivating!!

 What does the printable I bought have to do with my breaker box??  It was my solution to cover it up.  Here's the before and after - what you see right when you walk down the stairs:
I bought the cheapest piece of thin plywood (I think the whole 4x8ft sheet was $7) and had it cut at the store.  Then Trevor built a frame thing around it and I painted all the edges black - I was too lazy to do the middle, and it wouldn't show anyways.
 Then I took my print that I made (same as my giant picture - engineer's print at a copy store - this time 2 ft by 3 ft - just like I am Momma, Hear Me Roar recommends), covered the back in spray glue, and pressed it onto my board.

Side note on getting it printed - it always takes a while, maybe 15 minutes, which sometimes can be long for kids but this time there was a display of mini Pillow Pets nearby which entertained my toddler the whole time.  He has a regular monkey pillow pet at home so he was fascinated by these mini ones!

I asked Trevor to help me hang it - envisioning nails, etc, but he said "you can just sit it right on top of the old thing" - that genius hubby.  See how the cabinet front this has trim that sticks out from the wall - - and so I just set the frame of my box thing on that ledge.  Just set it on.  That way when we need in the breaker box, I just lift it off.  Perfect.

 Sorry about the blurry pic - lighting in the basement is awful for pictures.  That's why I took a picture of it outside - I knew it'd be better...

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Love that idea. We have a sprinkler control box that is right next to our entertainment center. The previous owner was older, and moved it there to make life easier for himself. It was right where he could get to it, but it looks absolutely ridiculous! I have wanted to do something like this to it, but it has wires leading to it that go across the wall. I'll have to get really creative! Yours looks great, and I also love that quote.

Looks good! I know I made a mini fence to cover our air unit. haha

What a fantastic idea! I love this. Megan

Love this idea! You never know what things you are going to need to hide from previous residents!

Thanks for the post!



This is such a fantastic idea. It turned out really well too.

I love the quote and it looks so cute! Much better than the cabinet front.

GREAT idea! It looks fabulous! I feel a copy cat coming on! ~K.

One of my all time favorite quotes! Love how you disguised the door thingy. Pin!

What a great solution! It looks perfect there :)

I love when you can figure out a design dilemma! It looks awesome!
I actually did my subway art almost the same way!
xo Becca

Love that! We are getting ready to move but I'm so going to copy cat in my next home!

Amy {aprons & ambition}

This is so clever... I love this idea, I think I'm going to have to make one too... Very cool!



You are so stinkin' clever! I LOVE how you used it to hide the cabinet front. Thanks for sharing this with me. You totally rock! Have an awesome week, Mandy!


What a great way to 'fix' the problem, I love the quote, who is it by?


Very nice! That fits in much better!!! Love the saying!!!

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