April 4, 2012

Showing Off - my picks

I love being able to feature some of you each week - so fun!!  Thanks to everyone for making the link party successful each week.  Here's some that caught my eye:

The tunic top from Life in the Makings - she took a sewing project gone wrong and turned it into something great:

 And speaking of tops, another great one is from Grits and Giggles - love it:

 I wonder if this steering wheel cover will turn into an optical illusion when driving - super fun - from Helby's Hatch:

 I think everyone needs some Darth Vadar bean bags - you can get the pattern from Show Tell Share:

 I loved this gathered quilt the other day when I saw it, so I was excited to see it in the link party - I'm a big fan of gathers!  See how to make it over at The Train to Crazy:


 Twin Dragonfly Designs made some crocheted eggs - aren't they cute?!?!

 Cute as a Fox made these flower cupcakes for a party - they look simple, cute, and delicious - perfect!

 Check out the storage solution at THIS BLOG - love the bright colors:

 Love the banquette seating over at Second Chance to Dream:


Banana Fudge Brownie Pie - need I say more?!?  See the recipe over at Back For Seconds:

AND, the most viewed link....
Fabric Organization from Stars & Sunshine:
fabric shelves organization
And speaking of, this is one of my big dilemmas - I have most of my fabric folded nicely, but I never know how to put it in order.  Do I do colors, like she did in the above picture, or do I group it together in collections, which is what I currently do (like I have several from Amy Butler, so it's all together) - and if colors is the way to do, what about fabric that has a ton of different colors???
 Thoughts on fabric organizationg - let's here them!

Thanks for linking everyone!!  If you were featured feel free to grab the button:  (oh, and if you were featured on FB, or if you're featured later this afternoon, you're included - grab away!!)

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Thanks for featuring my tunic, and for hosting a great link party!

Thanks for the shout-out. You are the best!

Great features! I don't currently have a fabric collection but if I did, I would probably organize by color. I think that works for me better visually than by collection.

Thanks for featuring me again - yay! I spent a long time thinking about how I wanted to organize my fabrics, and ended up deciding (obviously) that color would work best for me. I'm a visual person, so that's ultimately how I pair fabrics, anyways. I also found it really helped to discriminate between colors - for example, the blues aren't just all mixed in, there are a couple stacks for navys, for bright aqua-type blues, for pale baby blues, and for dusty blues (apparently I have a thing for blue fabric, lol). I did similar things for the greens and reds as well. For fabrics with several colors - I either folded up the square and decided which color it 'read' - which color seemed to dominate - and put it there. If you look closely, you can tell I also have a stack of red & green fabrics on their own (love Christmas fabrics!) and there's one stack on the middle shelf that is just fabrics which are mostly white with random colors thrown in.

I sort by color and fold over a ruler.. I love looking at it. I do have to pull out any novelty prints or things that don't read like a solid color, but it works for 90% of my fabric!


Oh wow, thanks Mandy! I actually just featured your ties tonight! Happy Easter!

Thanks for featuring me Mandy!
Barb- Second Chance to Dream

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