Twisted Cowl Tutorial (no sew!)

As promised, the tutorial for a Twisted Cowl – and yep, it’s no-sew….

 I saw something similar to this on Pinterest from Whole Living, but they didn’t show how to get the “twist” look so I figured it out and want to show you a quick how-to…

Here I am, trying to replicate their picture, which never really works:

First up make your tshirt yarn.  Basically, you cut a tshirt into a bunch of strips – mine were about 1 inch wide.  Their tutorial tells you that part.  Then you take that strip that you cut, which is actually a loop, and stretch it out.  It will curl in on itself, and voila, it’s tshirt yarn.

So lay all your loops out like this:

Then while holding the left end of the oval still, twist the right in of the oval in on itself a few times, til it looks like this – you can see how it’s twisty:

Then, with the twists in place, make a figure 8:

And then bring the two ends of the ovals together.  That will make all the side seams from the tshirt in basically the same spot.  Then take a scrap from the sleeve of the tshirt and cut it into a rectangle and fold the edges in, like shown:

Place it around the area with all the seams.  You are going to cover all the seams and hold the necklace together.  Fold one edge down just a little (like a hem) and then put a line of hot glue on it and wrap it around and press it down.  The hot glue will hold it – no sewing required.

Looks like this finished:

It’s a little snugger on my neck than I had planned – I think the main reason is because the shirt I used was an XS, so the loops just weren’t that big.  But that’s okay – it’s not tight or anything.

I love simple, quick, easy projects – you can do this – really!!  Go make one right now!

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