April 4, 2012

WIWW - cowls

Once again, I've been slacking in the What I Wore Wendesday lifestyle - I need to step it up a little!  So a couple of days, I put on a cowl with my plain tshirt to fool people into thinking I'm put together. 

First up, I have several of these long scarves from Target a few years ago - when scarves where all the rage.  But now it seems like "cowls" or "infinity scarves" are all the rage - so I made it work.

I simply tied the two ends of the knot together.  At first I assumed I'd wear the knot in the back, but then I thought it added a little interest so I left the knot in front.  Here's the giant tied loop:
 Thoughts??  Does it seem like I'm just too lazy to buy a real infinity scarf, or does it work??

Secondly, colored jeans seem all the rage.  I'm not quite on board yet, but thought I'd give them a try.  I made my own and will give you all the tips I learned along the way in tomorrow's post.  While dying the jeans I also dyed an old white shirt tangerine.  Because you see all these fun tutorials on making cowls and infinity scarves out of old tshirts, but my old shirts aren't fun colors - so I dyed it! 
I think the jeans are alright and the cowl is alright, but I probably shouldn't be wearing them together - just stick with one pop of color instead of two.  Thoughts??  Have you embraced the colored jean trend?

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I'm way ahead of you. I think I embraced the colored jeans trend 20 years ago. LOL I LOVE the cowls on you, and I think the second photo is cute with the rust colored jeans and the tangerine cowl. You look great! :-)

I love your blog. I am not a fan of colored jeans. You however look great in them. I am a fan of the cowl scarf. I am going to use your idea to turn one I have into an infinity. Thanks for the idea.

I love cowl scarves and I embraced the colored jeans when I purchased a BRIGHT blue pair from ON. I was a little self concious at first, but when paired with a black or white shirt they look great. I wear them as capris with a cute gray ballet flat and I've gotten TONS of compliments. :)

i love the cowl scarves but im not sure that i like it with the colored jeans. i have to tell you that i saw on your blog about how you cut your shirt to make it a sweater a while back. I tryed it and i have gotten so many complments on it and they cant believe all i did was cut it. thanks for the great post as always.

Actually like them together. Still not sold on colored jeans though...

I think the first cowl probably would look better with the second outfit. Must make more cowls!

I am wearing an infinity scarf RIGHT NOW. I love them. And I think the first one is just great!

I am warming up to colored jeans, but part of me feels like if I put them on I'll need to find a middle school dance and party like it's 1992.

I am going to second someone else and say I would have paired the turquoise scarf thing with the colored jeans. It's spring. Have fun with the colors.

I like the knotted "cowl". The knot definitely adds interest. The second cowl is either too short or wrapped too tight. I like a flowy-er look. I'm loving the colored jeans... I have yet to get any but I want some!! Interested to see your dyeing tute!

Actually like them together:) Both of them are adorable.

Lily @ http://coloredjeansforwomen.com

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