April 11, 2012

WIWW - denim

another What I Wore Wednesday, another try at the denim shirt (yep, I'm still spelling it right!)

I had this on at first and was planning on wearing it the whole day:

 I never thought that skirt was frumpy until I loaded up that picture and now I'm wondering if I should chuck it into the giveaway pile - maybe it's just a bad angle???......

But then it was pretty chilly, and we were headed to an outdoor egg hunt, so I threw some pants on instead of the skirt - it changed the whole look!

I'm doing the whole tie-the-scarf-together-to-turn-it-into-an-infinity-scarf trick again.

Thoughts on either outfit?? Tired of the denim shirt yet?? - I think I've gotten my $1s worth, that's for sure!

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12 Fabulous Comments:

I prefer the one with pants, it is much better and the denim shirt fits perfect with it.
Have a nice day,

Love the pants outfit, the skirt does look a little frumpy, maybe you are right, maybe the angle. I had the same issue with a dress that is layered just like that. Maybe its the way they are constructed or something?

I definitely prefer the pants outfit! I think it changes the whole dynamic of the denim shirt.
I don't know if it is the angle or what but I am just not of a fan of the first outfit.

Pants one is SOOOO cute! Yeah, I don't like the skirt one, not even so much that I think the skirt is frumpy as I just didn't think the look went together. I don't have a clue about fashion either so maybe it was fine? You are adorable though!

I'm digging your second look! Very cute!

Those skirts are always hard because they look wrinkly no matter what - but I'm curious what it would look like if you wore the shirt the way you have it in the second look with the skirt. Might be the way the shirt is open that makes it look frumpy.

I love the second out - you look lovely !!!!

I like the 2nd one- the skirt doesn't look right- maybe good for a new refashioning project??

Well, frankly, even the outfits that you think are "frumpy" look a heck of a lot better than what I usually wear. lol

YOU and your outfits are so cute! Thanks for the inspiration!


I love my denim shirt too. So versatile!

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