So I gave it a lot of thought and finally settled on an outfit to wear on TV – I think it was great – and I forgot to take a picture – oops!  It was my gray and white stripe shirt, a mustard cowl, and a matching mustard belt that I found at Target the day before.  I also wore my trouser jeans to dress it up a little – – I think all around I actually put together a good outfit:

Other than that, I feel like What I Wore Wednesday has been kind of slacking lately.  But don’t worry – – I went to a few garage sales this past weekend – first of the season – finally!  Anyways, now I can continue to buy odd things that have potential and see what you think…..

So, I got this black and white striped dress for $1 – – I originally bought it because I had in mind to make it into a skirt – for $1, that amount of striped knit was a good buy.  But then I thought maybe I should just wear it as it.  So I wore this to church Sunday:

It was chilly (and I didn’t want to shave my legs…..) so I wore it with boots.  I liked the dress but I think it might be better with sandals.  Thoughts??  Make it a skirt right away? Try again as a dress, just wore with something different?  Do you like the boots and belt??

And random, ignore that pot – – my kids are constantly taking my pots outside to make “soup” , aka, water, dirt, grass, and anything they can get their hands on mixed together.  I’m so used to pots on the deck I completely forgot about it when taking the picture…

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    First off, Wednesday is my absolutely favorite Mandy Day. I love it that you model these clothes and risk our ‘very valuable opinions.’ lol SO, I do like the dress as is, and I do love the boots (and VERY acceptable reason for wearing them, by the way!) and belt, but not necessarily with that dress. I’m not sure I’d have the chamber pot as a background prop, though. ;-) Have a great day, Mandy, and I love reading your blog, as always!

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    I think this feature is always so fun!
    Great choice on the tv outfit. I love the gray/yellow combination.
    I like the dress but not with the boots. However, I am totally with you on the shaving legs thing so i frequently put on boots even when they may not be the best outfit selection.
    I’m torn on dress vs. skirt though.

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    I love the outfit you wore on tv. ;) The dress I think would be so cute without the cardigan and belt over the top of it. The belt is placed below the “hem” under the breast and it just looks off to me. BUT, I seriously need help with what I wear so idk if you should listen to me. LOL

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    Happy Wednesday! Isn’t it so unfair that men don’t “have” to shave and then yet many of them do and women do “have” to shave and rarely want too (I’m Guilty as charged)! How ironic!

    Anywho…Im digging the dress! you can solve the hairy legs problem and make it into a MAXI skirt! That would be so adorable! And pair it with a bright colored belt, maybe!

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    I wouldn’t have noticed the pot on the deck if you hadn’t mentioned it. I made soup and things as a child as well! In fact, I made a mud pie outside on a Sunday morning before church and my mom had to bathe me AGAIN. She was NOT happy, to say the least. :) I think the boots are okay, because you gotta do what you gotta do when it’s chilly. I think with sandals it would look great too once it warms up for you! I like that you used different colors to pop as well.

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