May 12, 2012

Almost Famous, take 2

Yep, I was on the local morning show again.  I still stand by my theory that they'll let anyone on!  I think it went alright, but I was a little more frazzled this time around - last time I practiced beforehand, etc, since I didn't know what to expect, so I came in prepared.  This time I just tried to wing it and I could tell.  Anyways, here's the clip if you're interested:

So once again, I was caught off-guard at the start - - I set up, but they had said my airtime would be 8:50 -- but I guess since I was there early they just put me on - - I thought I'd be killing time for 20 minutes which would have given me time to mentally prep, but then they're all, you're up next, cut straight to you and I thought "huh??" next thing you know, we were live - probably around 8:30, so sorry if I told you 8:50 and you missed it...see, just standing around:

I took Kate with me again to be my photographer and giggly sidekick (they asked her if she was going to be on air too - she waved it off!) - - here's the teaser shot (my pendants are in that frame...)

More behind-the-scenes - looks like I went on at 8:24....

 And actually crafting....
 Good thing I remembered to wear a ring and bracelet - made this shot a lot better!! (mental note, set the glaze bottle BEHIND the work area - whoops!)

Anyways, once again a fun experience, something out of the ordinary.  Maybe I grabbed a few of you as new readers because of the segment, so that would be awesome :)

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6 Fabulous Comments:

Awe you did well! It's so neat to put an audible voice behind a blog! Love the necklace!!!

Really cute pendants. Great job Mandy!

I love the pendants. You did a great job! And I agree with Nelly, it's nice to HEAR you talking (instead of just reading) and put a voice to the face.

"She's becoming famous!!!" - Kara

I thought it went well! It's harder when you're caught off guard, but you can't really tell!

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