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I’m sure you’re wanting to know how my new skin care regimen is going.  I have been using Système 41 for several weeks now.  I have been loving the results.  Not the best pictures of me, but here’s an up close and personal view of my skin – – -

So in that first one I link my eye lines are for sure less noticeable.  You see them more in the second picture, but it’s because I’m smiling more, which makes sense.  Even kids have lines when they smile.  So do I think it’s making a difference, before and after – yes!  I don’t have too much to compare it to because I’ve never really used a beauty care system before, but compared to nothing, there is a difference.  My skin feels healthier and smoother when I put on makeup.  I think my wrinkle lines are less noticeable.  


I was to include a picture of my products “along side your other beauty treatments” but as mentioned, I don’t really have any other treatments.  Does the serum stuff for my frazzy hair count?  That and eye drops for when my eyes dry out…

So anyway, back to the product – did you know that the night cream contains rare apple stem cells?? I didn’t know that until now, so it’s another bonus to an already impressive product.  I’m told that First Lady Obama uses something similar for $500 a jar.  Make this super reasonably priced.  And also, you have a 100% money back guarantee for any reason, even if you return the jar empty.  That’s impressive!

There is a Système 41 special promotion – you can get free shipping plus 10% off the purchase of 2 or more items.  Follow that text link to see all your options.  I love having the whole kit.  If I had to choose just 2 things, I would pick the eye cream and the night cream.  I really think those 2 things are making my skin look younger!!  The day cream is great too and really products during the day, which is something I need as well.


So, as you’re shopping for facial skin care, be sure to consider Système 41 – I have really liked using it!

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