May 24, 2012

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT - new blog ahead

If you follow me on facebook, you already know this exciting news.  Guess who's starting a blog..... well, I guess I lot of people start a blog (I wonder how many blogs are created per minute - hmmmm) but there's one in particular that you'll be interested in...

Yep, TREVOR!!  This is for real!  He just started the blog, So I Married a Craft Blogger (catchy, eh?) and look, I'm his only follower...

Now, maybe I'm a little biased (ya think?!) but it's going to be awesome.  He's going to put a voice to all those things we know the men are thinking (like "what is point of hanging a million empty picture frames all over the wall" - I'm sure that was his thought at my frame wall, but he nicely just did as I asked....).

I think it'll super fun to read that perspective of craft blogging, and I don't know of any other blog that does that.  So now, in addition to making fun of the things I have him do by making faces in pictures, he'll be voicing his opinion.
Here, me: "let me take a picture so I can blog about how you're supposed to vacuum mattresses", him: pose

Anyways, go follow along!  You won't regret it!  Tell all your friends who ever wanted to know the other side of craft blogging that now there's a source!!

So I Married a Craft Blogger - by Trevor

come back later today for some last-minute end-of-school ideas.....

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13 Fabulous Comments:

okay Mandy - this is hysterical! I just about peed my pants what I saw that vacuum photo. I could really use a dose of laughter about the craft blogging world. Its kind of like the reality husband version of the Ryan Gosling (spelling?) memes - HA! Looking forward to it :)

Excellent! My Hubby's started a blog too and I think he's enjoying himself! Next step=pinterest!

Love it! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Hahaha - I love that the example of the empty picture frames is exactly what my husband said to me when I hung empty frames in our bedroom! ROFL! I can't wait to hear more!

OMGOsh! I just told my husband and he said, "I would follow that blog!".

Totally awesome!


I think it is awesome! I can't wait to see what really goes through my husbands head. lol

This is gonna be awesome!!!! and the sweeper, I love my Kirby!

This has hilarity written all over it!

How fun is this!!! :) Off to follow!

I'll have to send my husband over. It'll be nice for him to know he's not alone!

Warrior Dash! I recognize the fire. My boyfriend just did that last Sunday!

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