May 28, 2012

Disney Trip Expert - giveaway

Who loves Disney?!?!  (and the crowd goes wild....)

Here's us in the fall of 2010:

Well today I'm here to tell you about Krystin: Disney Travel Professional-An Authorized Disney Vacation Planner.  From her: Krystin is a certified Disney Travel Specialist. This means that she will help you plan any Disney vacation. She helps you by choosing your resort, helping and securing your reservations for dining locations and making sure you get the best discount. She also creates itineraries that will save you time and money! Her blog shares helpful tips and tricks to assure you have a great time in the parks. Go and LIKE her Facebook page because every 200 likes she gets she gives away a Disney gift card!

It CAN be overwhelming planning Disney vacations... so many people don't know where to start!  That is where my planning services come in handy!  The BEST part is... that when you allow my company to plan your On-Site Disney Vacation... it is all FREE!  My company does not charge you any additional fees to plan your vacation. It is the same as what you will find on the Disney website!  However... sometimes Disney offers specials that may not be advertised.  Even if you are paid in full for your vacation... I can add those savings (Disney e-mail PIN codes, room only discounts, Florida resident discounts etc.  if they apply to your dates of travel) to your booking!  So there is no worry about whether or not it is the best offer for your vacation!  By the time you travel... it will be!

So if you are planning a Disney vacation, she's your hook-up!!  You can find her at lots of different places:

Webpage: Magical Vacations

Blog: Disney Trip Expert

Facebook: FB/DisneyTripExpert

Planning for Disney is HUGE!!  Don't think you can just mosey on down there - it takes lots of thought.  This sounds like a great gig to have Krystin do the legwork :)

Today she is giving away a Disney Gift Card for $25 - wahoo!!  

to enter, 2 ways (leave a separate comment for each)

--Check out one of teh three places you can find Krystin listed above and come back here and leave a comment telling me which one you visited.

--Tell me something you love about Disney.

Giveaway ends Friday, June 1st, around noon.  Good luck!

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65 Fabulous Comments:

I checked out her website. I will definitely be visiting her when we decide to go to Disney.

The thing that I love the most about Disney is the look of awe on my children's faces the first time they step foot in the Magical Kingdom......priceless!

I love that everyone can have a good time in Disney.

I liked her facebook page :)

I LOVE disneyland, I love how it always feels so magical and it's so fun no matter what your age :)

I love the wonderment it creates for children.

Liked her FB!

I love the entire disney experience!

My favorite thing about Disney is how the whole family can feel like a kid again! You CANNOT be in a bad mood at Disney

I checked out the Blog. It has LOTS of helpful hints. Thanks so much!

I checked out Krystin's facebook page.

I love that we can spend quality time as a family at Disneyland. We've had amazing family vacations there.

i checked out her blog - great stuff! :)
erincyoung (at)

what i love about disney.....what isn't there to love?? i think the best part is that it really is the happiest place on earth - what amazing memories every kid who goes there has! :)
erincyoung (at)

I checked out all three places: website, blog and facebook. I would love to take my grandchildren on a Disney cruise.

Disney offers something for everyone, young to older. Fun for all!

we've only been once with our kiddos ... but I love the magical feeling you get when you're there with children!

I just visited her blog - gonna have to do some reading over there!

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I visited her blog! :) piano_girl97(at)yahoo(dot)com

I love that Disney is a clean, family-friendly vacation place. Definitely something for everyone to enjoy. piano_girl97(at)yahoo(dot)com

I love that there is something for all ages. I especially love that my 2 year old sings all the songs :)

I 'liked' her on FB and told her I was visiting via YOU! :) We are going June 10th-16th, so I'm off to read her blog!!! Thank you for the giveaway!
We are celebrating my daughter's high school graduation, and our 25th Wedding Anniversary with this trip!

I 'liked' her on FB and told her I was visiting via YOU! :) We are going June 10th-16th, so I'm off to read her blog!!! Thank you for the giveaway!
We are celebrating my daughter's high school graduation, and our 25th Wedding Anniversary with this trip!

My favorite thing about Disney..hmm, If I had to choose just one..I guess I love it because it's so magical! And there is something for every age group to enjoy!

visited her blog and her fb !

something i love about disney....

how it puts a smile on my little one ! he loves it. :)

I checked out all 3 sites and liked her facebook page. We are trying to plan a surprise trip for our 7 and 10 yr old girls in the spring so these sites will be helpful!

I visited her blog... so much fun, and a lot of great information. I can't wait to plan our trip.

I love Disney because of the magical feel that Disney always has. I also love the wonder of Disney.

Disney is magical because it allows you to forget all your troubles or cares while you are there. My family and I have visited Disney many times together, and those memories still make great conversations filled with laughter.

I visited the webpage Magical Vacations! We are planning on taking our kids to Disney Land next year so I will totally be checking out her site again.

I love Disney because it is such a fun, and family friendly place to go.

I checked out her Facebook page. Seems like she's the go to gal for a Disney trip! :)

My favorite thing about Disney is the Magic! Everything about Disney is so magical and when visiting the parks you really do feel it.

I went to her website and her blog!

I went to her web site magical-vacations.and her blog.

I liked her FB page . Thanks for featuring her we are planing a Disney vacation soon I think her web page and her knowledge will be very help full.

I have never been to Disney, but will be going in 3 weeks! Not sure what I love the most, but it's the happiest place on earth...!

I took a look at all three, website, blog, and liked her on Facebook! I would love to have some spending $ for our upcoming trip to Disneyland!

I visited her blog. Didn't even know there was such a thing as a Disney planner! Sure wish I was going!

I checked out (and liked!) her FB page. Thanks for the heads up on her services!

I love the wonder in my daughters' eyes when ANYTHING princesses appears wherever we are. They'd be amazed to meet the princesses!

My 4 year old IS Merida, as far as I can tell from the previews! Wild, red, curly hair and defiant to her mother-that's my girl.

I went to her blog and am really excited. I love all the advice. Making your own autograph books just seems like such a great alternative to buying an expensive one.

What I love about Disney is how the employees make me feel. They are ALL so wonderful and make you feel good.

Checked out the site and I'll definitely be visiting again before our next visit!

My favorite thing is that my 2 year old is still excitedly talking about a trip we took months ago- what a magical memory for her!

I visited all 3 pages. I'll be visiting them again soon!

My favorite part of our Disney trips are the pools at the hotel. They're always huge, fun and have a water slide (or 3)! Fun!! Especially after you've been walking around Disney all day.

The SMELL! Especially when you walk by Pirates of the Carribean! Oh how I love it there!


What's not to love about Disney? The whole experience!

I found her on facebook!

My favorite part about Disney are the rides!!

My favorite part about Disney is (of course) the Magical Kingdom and the Fantasia "ride." I'll definitely keep Krystin in mind for our next Disney Visit. I'm dying to get to one of the animal or water parks next time!

I just checked Krystin out on her Magical Vacations webpage and remembered how intrigued I am by a disney cruise! I wonder if it's chaos with so many kids or if it's well run by Disney and very enjoyable?

We're taking our kids for the first time this summer, and what I love about Disney is that there's something for everyone!

I visited her blog--I totally remember that commercial about being too excited to sleep :) Man, those Disney ad folk know how to pull at your heart-strings, I nearly cry at the current ones about kids growing up :)

I love that Disney is great for all ages! We go every year and it's fun to see how our trips change as our boys grow!

I visited her blog and Facebook page. Great tips!

I love when you get to meet and take pictures with the characters and the parades in the street sometimes

I love everything you taught us about budgeting on a Disney trip. Disney World Vacation would be fun if it's well budgeted and well planned.

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