May 5, 2012

Fabric - Rainbow Order

So I organized and folded all my fabric a year or two ago - I love how it's all folded into the same shape (around comic book boards) and how it made it look nice and neat:

I had the fabric grouped in "coordinating" - like all the Amy Butler stuff was together, etc.  But I kept seeing everywhere that people organized their fabric by color.  I even took an informal poll on my facebook page - and it seemed like everyone said go with color order.

So since you all said to do it, I finally took the plunge and broke up all my fabric "sets" and put them in color order - what do you think?? (um, just look at that main line of fabrics - the rest isn't organized, especially the top shelf of sheets - I can't fold fitted sheets - I admit it!!)

Here's a side-by-side for you:

So for sure the rainbow way is more appealing to the eye.  But what's going to happen when I pull out a fabric and I don't know what coordinates because it's coordinating fabric friend isn't stacked right beside it??  I'll actually have to think about what "goes" - hope I can do that!!

How do you organize your fabric?!?  I'm super curious to hear!

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I to prefer sorting by color. Martha Stewart did a show on sheets a few years ago and did a whole spot on folding a fitted sheet and thats how I learned. I bet theres a video out there somewhere showing it. Then your fitted sheets can be perfect squares also!!

I don't have enough fabric to organize by color, I just ask if I can keep the board and keep them on there. Also, here is the link to my pinterest board: For the Home. One picture is a tutorial on how to fold fitted sheets! It helped me, so hope it helps!


I have mine sorted by color too. Looks all nice and neat,,,then is sew something and it's too much so a bother to put it back.
About how much to you have on each board?

Looks great. Two thoughts.....don't worry about matching lines, you might find great combinations on your own (think outside the box). Next thought, since you are going to re purpose the sheets anyway, why not cut the elastic edges off? They will be much easier to fold nicely without all the elastic bunching up the edges. I know the Martha Stewart method of folding sheets, but it's tedious, and they are never as perfect as hers, anyway!!

I put my random fabric in color order and kept my collections together. Now I have the best of both worlds. To see what my collection looks like:

It looks much brighter in person!

Maybe you could write on mini post-it's the collection name/colorway and stick it on each fabric. Take a picture of all the fabrics in that collection/set and then when you go to pull a fabric you like just look on the post-it for info, then find the photo you took and you could easily find them. I want to sort by color too, but I almost can't stand to separate my collections.

Love the rainbow order!
I've folded the fitted sheets for years, (mom taught me) but most people don't so cutting off the edges are the best idea overall. :)

I have all my fabrics sorted by color (even my scraps) and I wouldn't have it any other way! It makes is so easy to see and find everything. You can see my stash here: I confess I am a fabric addict.

Here is an easy way to nicely fold fitted sheets. I have been doing mine like this forever, but I don't have a tutorial of my own to share. This is exactly how I do it though. :)

I wish I could keep mine this organized! It always gets messed up when I'm working on projects...

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