May 3, 2012

Grandchildren Flowers - a mother's day Michael's craft

I love giving grandchildren flowers as Mother's Day gifts - fun way to involve the kids and still give a cute gift.  So today I have a quick tutorial on making Grandchildren Flowers - super easy!!

First up, a trip to Michaels - it's a go-to for us when we need supplies.

Once inside, find the aisle with all the little wooden cutout things - there is so much potential in this one little section alone!!

I grabbed 5 wooden flowers (I think they're $0.29 each) and a couple of wooden dowel rods (those long wooden sticks) then you'll also need to find some paint and a flowerpot.  I cut the dowel rods into shorter pieces using my kitchen scissors.

Now, the fun part for the kids - all kids love to paint!  Let them decorate their flower.  Obviously they paint differently than I would, but I just tell myself to go with it.  Also have them or you paint all the dowel rods green - they will be flower stems.

Let dry and either write their name on the front with a paint marker or cut out some vinyl and stick their names on (that's what I did this time).

Hot glue the stem to the back of the flower - nothing fancy here:

Cover the hole in the pot with a piece of tape then fill it with wheat or rice or whatever you have sitting around - that's it!  Stick the flowers in and you're done!

This is for my mom - right now my kids are the only grandkids, but my brother and his wife are expecting (we're so excited!!) so that's who the blank flower represents - I'll just add a name later.

Another idea for big families is what I did for Trevor's mom a few years ago - he's one of 9 siblings, so his mom has 40+ grandkids - too many for a normal-size pot!  So I made 9 separate pots, one representing each family, and then she lined them up on her mantel to show off her posterity.

Anyways, quick and thoughtful gift for Mother's Day - Grandchildren Flowers!  You still have plenty of time to make this - go try it!!  And, I think I should have Michael's Ads on the blog today, so enjoy those :)

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11 Fabulous Comments:

I really love this idea and the blank flower for the new baby!!

I love the "baby" flower. they are all so cute.

Cheri from Its So Very Cheri

I thought maybe you were announcing something!

t a cute and simple idea! Love this! Thanks for sharing it. Pinning this idea! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Oh my..... Just seeing that pic of all the crafty pieces at Michaels makes me want to create something!

Wondered for just a second if the blank flower was an announcement. :o)

Oh, these are so cute! I love the little wooden "stuff" aisle at Michaels too.

Betting grandma will love this! :)

So, so cute! I wish my kiddos were little, I would so have them help me make this. I'm going to send Vanessa over to see it, might be something she could do with her kids. :) I adore the "blank" ones, that was such a great idea!


what a cute idea! I better get busy and make one for Mother's Day!

So cute mandy!! Love it for a children's craft!

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