May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

I find it pretty funny that I don't have a post scheduled for today but Trevor does (what a strange world!).... he made me this desk and I plan to start painting it today - -I'm sure I'll blog about it, but you can read his side of it over at So I Married a Craft Blogger.

So since I am ill-prepared for a post today, how about random fun from our long weekend so far.....

Cousin sleep-over complete with playing the sprinkler - - the epitome of summer:

Venturing downtown for music and fireworks (I don't know why the kids look bored in this picture - they had a blast!)

And a sneak peak at a skirt I sewed (normally I do "sneak peeks" over on my facebook page, but thought I'd stick this on here for filler) - I tried a new pose - obviously it's a little awkward - but I am loving my new white background paper (also coming up - how Trevor rigged it up for me - sa-weet!!)

And, I'm gearing up for a week of Girls Camp - it all starts tomorrow.  And I don't have any posts prescheduled yet, so if nothing shows up, know that I was defeated by teenage girls and their crafting abilities...

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Have fun@girls camp! if you need any guest posts I'd love to help out!

Loving the craft desk! That is on my list of must haves for my craft room.

Ooh! Excited to see more on that skirt!

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