How I love nRelate..

Do you all know about nRelate?  I can’t believe I haven’t told you about it before – who knows, maybe I have…

well if not, let me tell you!!  I’ve been using it about a year.  I love it!  You know when you read a post then at the bottom, there’s a widget thing that says something like “other posts like this” and then gives you several other post ideas that you might like??  that’s nRelate.  Here’s a screen shot of what is under one of my posts…

Now you know what I’m talking about, right??  Well, the thing that makes nRelate different from what I used to use until I switched last June is that it incorporates an ad.  It’s not overwhelming or obtrusive – the ad in the screen shot above is the picture on the very right – see how it’s labeled “home talk” under the caption – that means it comes from the site Home Talk.  So, with an ad, comes an ad payment. Yep,  they PAY you, AND they help you by showing your readers other projects you’ve done.  It’s a win-win.  So if you’re using a different widget for this same function, why not switch to one that pays you.  It doesn’t pay millions, but anything is better than nothing, and I think it’s pretty generous.

It works for WordPress or blogger:

● WP Install:
● Blogger Install:

So I tend to try lots of things out for a while and if I don’t like them I drop them.  The biggest testimonial of nRelate is that I’m still using them – after a year of having it on my site.  That says without words that I love and recommend it.

If you want to know more, here ya go!  Reading this makes me love it all the more!!  Go grab it!!

-returns very relevant post results
 -styling capabilities (thumbnail styles, sizes)
 -General Options
  -SEO Friendly (Does not redirect through nRelate’s own site – as many other similar plugins 
  -help users find more content on your blog
  -increase pageviews by 5-12%
  -you can share links from your blogroll in your results to share the love with your blog friends, 
or other blogs that you write for
  -great customer service (they will help you with installation, styling the plugin the way you 
  -use with or without the “nrelate” branding
  -more info here:

I was compensated for this post but the opinion is my own – I really do love and recommend nRelate!!

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    Thanks, Mandy! Never knew how to add those “you might also like…” type of things at the bottom of posts. Is nRelate free to install?

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