Introducing Shailie

My girls are the luckiest ever – – they get to try out Shailie!!  You can read all about it at

“Let the Fashion Frenzy Begin!”
 From their site:
What kind of girl doesn’t love playing dress-up? Admit it, you do too. Now, what girl wouldn’t love designing and playing in her own dress-up creations?
Kari created Style Paige LLC™ when she couldn’t find toys for her daughter Paige that inspired the same creative energy for girls that her sons’ toys did for boys. Luckily, Kari and her mother, Connie, are accomplished seamstresses. They began feverishly sewing dress-up components for girls to design, create, wear… and then switch it up and do it again!
Shailie® was born offering sleeves, skirts, tops, and accessories of various styles, colors, and lengths. Girls can mix and match to create endless looks on their very own life size designer dress form making their creation a cinch to wear and model with friends. Let the fashion frenzy begin!

So basically you get a kit with various dress-up pieces, and then bodice pieces.  The dressup pieces all can stick to the bodice in a variety of spots, so the creation possibilities are endless. 

We’ve have lots of kids over for various reasons these past couple of weeks – all ages (from 4 to 11) LOVE playing with this toy.  Designing dress-ups, wearing their creations, then starting over again.  They work as a team to come up with great ideas.  It’s amazing to see them get excited about designing and creating. 

go HERE to see sample photos because they’re way better than what I took.

I feel like there are tons of toy options for boys, but the girl toy options are mostly small toys.  It’s hard when you’re wanting to get a “big” present, like that one big present for a birthday or Christmas (with my boys, a giant lego set and they’re good to go, but I never know how to match that on the girl side) – Shailie would be perfect for that.

And of course I had to make a video of the fun going on at my house – check it out for all my pictures (yep, even my 3 year old boy wanted in on the fun) – –

I am sure I will post about this product more in the future, especially when it rolls around time to start holiday shopping, but I just had to give you a heads up now.  Be sure to visit their site!

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