Last minute ideas for the Last Day of School

Sorry if these Last Minute Ideas for the Last Day of School are too last-minute – I know so of you are already out!  But we just got out yesterday, so I didn’t think to pre-do any of this for you – – maybe next year…  Anyways, instead of writing 3 separate posts, here’s 3 ideas all in one giant post – enjoy!

Welcome to Summer! sidewalk chalk

First, check out this fabulous chalk art!!  It looks awesome in person.  We live in a cul-de-sac, so as the kids get off the bus and turn down to our house, this “Welcome to Summer” sign greeted them – -

The younger kids and I had fun making it – I drew the letter outlines and they filled it in:

But that’s not all!  We then walked to the bus stop and made a path from there to the giant sign.  We drew arrows and wrote encouraging words and made fun games (like hop scotch) along the path:

It was a big hit and the kids loved it!!  Our culdesac is on a slant, so I drew the words as the kids would go down the hill, putting “welcome” first, then “to” then “summer” – and the girls read it right.  But the group of boys read it all in one glance and were all “SUMMER TO WELCOME!!” which was kind of funny.

Teacher Gift – matchbox style

I am never on top of things to send a gift during Teacher Appreciation Week.  So I always whip something up last-minute at the end of the school year.  This year I just had the kids choose a necklace set from my Paparazzi Stash, then I made these cute matchboxes to hold them.

I used my matchbox diecut from Lifestyle Crafts which made this amazingly easy.  I used some new twine that showed up in my mailbox that I apparently ordered from a daily deal site (love when I forget when I order and it just comes out of the blue!).  You could probably hand-cut matchboxes as well, but the diecut made it super quick – just rolled it through my Epic 6 and glued it together and I was good to go.  The kids enjoy getting their teachers a gift:

Summer Journals – summer gift

A couple of weeks ago I ordered each kid a journal from Paper Coterie – then I gave them each their journal as a gift on the last day of school.  The idea is that they will take a little time each day in the summer to write stuff down – we’ll see how it goes….

You can grab yours at  Paper Coterie.  (and random, if you want a planner for only $12 instead of $36, use code BIRTHDAYPLANNER)

The journals were awesome – here they are all wrapped up:

And look at the details – there’s a thick clear cover thing that protects the front cover:

And there’s a bookmark/journal holder-together-er elastic attached to the back

Now, in case you want the inside scoop on upcoming sales – I’ve got ya covered.

Week of May 28th – June 2nd
- Memory Keepers are only $20 now until June 4th! Enter code “HAPPY1STBIRTHDAY” {Plus receive a limited edition birthday calendar with the purchase of a Memory Keeper – while supplies last)
- “All About My Dad” Children’s DIY Book. The perfect gift for Father’s Day (June 17th).Enter code “MYDAD” and receive 60% off!

May 21 – June 11: Celebrating Father’s Day 
May 21 – June 28: $12 Planners
May 23 – June 6: New Documenting Collection
May 28 – June 4: $10 Photo Books

And mega heads up, there’s an upcoming deal where photo books will be $10 – I’m not kidding!  You can go ahead and create a Photo Book, then it’ll be ready and waiting in your account for you to order when the deal kicks in…

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