Origami Crane Mini-Mobile

Did you see Kate’s rainbow Origami Crane Mobile – – amazing!  Obviously I wanted to get in on that fun!!

I don’t have a tutorial because there are million sites and books that show you how to make an origami crane.  At first I was intimidated, but they’re not that hard.  Just follow them step by step and pretty soon you’ll be able to construct a crane without even looking at the directions – really!

You start with a square piece of paper.  I used paper sent to me from Loving Paper Etsy Shop – I loved that it was double-sided.  The size of paper determines the size of the cranes.  I wanted small cranes so I cut my large square paper into 4 smaller squares.  Aren’t they so cute?!?

Really so cute – here’s an upclose pic:

So you have all these little cranes and you just string them up on a hoop of some sorts.  I hung them by sticking a thread through the top of the crane using a needle, like so:

But let me warn you – – dangling crane are hard to take a picture of!  I tried to grab a helper, but she was wiggly which wasn’t working….

 And then I tried to hold it out myself, but I had my 50mm lens on my camera and so I couldn’t back up enough – my arm wasn’t long enough…

And so I tried to take one of the cranes in their permanent home above my craft table – but we all know the lighting is awful in my basement:

 So that’s what you get – oh well!!

One more little origami project coming up later today….

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