May 17, 2012

Origami Flowers on Display

Remember when I made those Origami Flowers?  I finally got around to putting them on display in my entryway - see them in the little vase:

 Here's an upclose view - aren't they so cute?!?!
I talk about where I got the paper and tutorial on this Origami Flower Post - I LOVE the detail on the inside - and they aren't that hard to make.  The green one had a run-in with a toddler, but I straightened it out a little...

After making the flowers, I gathered sticks in the yard and hotglued the flowers right to them - you can see the back here with the glob of hot glue:

And random, have I mentioned that I updated my crib spring hanging display thing with pinwheels - do those count as origami??
 And I got a bunch of these cute little chalkboard clips on one of those daily deal sites - I wrote a bunch of inspiring words on them and clipped them all over it too - -

 Do you have any origami projects I need to try??  If so, let me know!

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Love the flowers and pinwheels great summer decor!!

My kind of flowers no need to water!

I am pinning this! I really want some of these, like yesterday!

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