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Just a random Friday-night post….  did you know I do photography sessions on the side? (my FB page for that here: Sugar Bee Photos) – – anyways, I almost always have an assistant with me.  It makes a world of difference!!  She can get the kids’ attention, plus it’s always better to have a second eye when positioning families, etc.

Anyways, I wanted a head shot of all my kids together, in black and white..  I tried to take it just myself.  Didn’t go so well – lots of tries, and the kids still look they’re in pain (I probably looked like I was in pain too!  we were all ready to be done)…..

So when Trevor got there I asked him if he would be my photo assistant and get the kids to loosen up while I took the pictures – – obviously a huge difference – I captured actual real smiles – see:

Now, photographically I like the first picture better – the light was better, etc.  I’m kicking myself for not using a plain background when we did the re-shoot (the fence is kind of busy) but the kids are so much more real, it makes me love the second picture tons more.  And the second picture took like 5 minutes max to get (the first probably took 10-15 minutes of torture).

Anyways, moral of the story, make them laugh – get an assistant to help!

and completely unrelated, I told Trevor “I bet I can get ya 100 followers by this weekend” – – and he’s doing awesome – only 29 more to go…. maybe you’ll be one of those 29….  So I Married a Craft Blogger

Have a great Friday night!  We’re off to a fun night of pizza…..

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    I love the added texture from the wood…What darling little faces…Oh and Yep…I was intrigued when I read ” super-fun” on his blog, like many others were, so I HAD to see what he has up his sleeve…so I’m tagging along.
    Ya’ll must be a “kick” to hang with…

  2. says

    Hi, Mandy!
    I already added your Love’s blog to my reader, but now I’m officially following him too…(that sounds a wee bit stalkerish! lol) I’m #80 :)
    And the pics of your kids are adorable!

  3. says

    I really like the second picture too. If the background bothers you too much you could always white it out in photoshop and have it be a blank white background like your first one. I don’t mind the fence background but I understand where you are coming from. It all depends on the look you are going for and a white background looks more “magazine shotish” But either one is great!

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