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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of POWOW Messenger for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Yep, we’re Android-based phone users.  I actually have a tablet that runs on the Droid operating system, not a true smart phone. But I love my tablet.  Anyways, Trevor has a true smart phone and so he was able to try this app out to tell us all about it.

Ever heard of it? POWOW Messenger for Android – it’s got some pretty cool features..


Some of the top features:

–Group messaging with TRUE reply-all for everyone in the group (who here loves group messaging?!?)

–Single place for all one-on-one and group messages, so you don’t need 2 apps

–ZipIT – which is a way to blacklist unwanted texters (yep, “texters”, that’s a word) – you can also mute notifications so you still receive messages but don’t hear when they come

Here’s us playing around with the app.  Trevor thought about sending me a “questionable’  text for the screen shot but went with something else – phew:

Want to know his thoughts on the app, since he’s up on all the technology stuff and has good opinions?? Here ya go, from him:

–Easy top install and set up
–Fun, clean colors on interface
–Options for setting notifications
–Tasteful ads in free version, not too noticeable
–Nice call button at the top of the message screen
–I like the large microphone button next to the text input box…makes it easy to use voice recognition
–Large attachment button makes it easy to attach files
–Group functionality makes it easy to send mass texts and makes texting more social

(side note, he uses voice recognition on his phone all the time.  he likes to trick me and say “just ask my phone” but not turn the feature on so I’m randomly talking to a phone like a crazy person…)

So if you’re a droid user, and love messaging, check out this app!!

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