Random (and yep, kitchen update)

I feel like I’ve been bombaring you with posts lately – – so instead of posting a bunch of stuff separately, I thought I’d just bunch it all together  – -completely random things from this weekend….

I found this awesome hairdo over at Groovybaby and Mama (which is in another language, but check out the pictures) and it wasn’t that hard (just french braiding around the head, but pull up a small ponytail in the middle first – that gives the donut-hole thing in the middle) – perfect for holding hair during the afternoon skating party…

I have been finishing up several projects and starting several more – all to come – but for now you can check out my go-to birthday gift – personalized shirt (I love having an embroidery machine!) -

I am finally getting around to making my daughter that Paper Coterie Journal – I think the coupon code (“GIFTFAVES”) for the free $15 expires on Tuesday, so get yours done quick! (remember, the journals are only $16, so practically free).  I really enjoyed their site – at first I thought I was locked in to whatever design I picked, but actually once you pick a design, you can alter the layout, add text where you want, etc.  LOVED that.  On the inside cover I put her full name, etc.  Here’s the outside cover – I made the picture smaller and moved it from it’s original layout:

With all the hype over Mother’s and Father’s Day, I looked up on my calendar to see “Kid’s Day” scrawled out (taking up the whole square, of course!!) on Saturday.  I quizzed the kids about it – they said they needed a kid day to celebrate (isn’t that everyday??).  I asked them what we were supposed to do on kid’s day – apparently it just means they get breakfast in bed.  I think we might be suckers…..

 And yep, our kitchen tiles FINALLY came in.  You probably don’t remember that I’m redoing my kitchen – it’s been that long since I’ve been able to report on it.  But look, progress is being made….

 I looked down to see this bucket being used to mix the mortar stuff  – um, yeah, that’s from my craft room (the “{yarn} tag gives it away and all) – – I told Trevor “I think you may be using my bucket”…..”yep”.  Guess I need a new place for yarn….worth the sacrifice though – the tile is looking great! (and I bet the bucket washes out…)

 Hope you had a productive weekend!!

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    I saw the tile you are putting up and had to smile. other than the darker cabinets our kitchens will look very simialr. Well, that is when I get to redo my kitchen like I want. I love the multi colored tile.

  2. says

    I had no idea you had an embroidery machine! Have you ever done any tutorials about it, or would you consider it? I just got an embroidery machine for Mother’s Day and have no idea how to use it or where to even get started!

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