May 21, 2012

Scrabble Tile Name Plates

Aren't these Scrabble Tile Name Plaques the cutest?!?!  I have a quick tutorial on how to make them for you....

This is a fun afternoon project that the kiddos can help with if you let them :)

First find an old scrabble game - I found letters at a garage sale, but no game.  Kate found a game at a thrift store and had one spare letter-holder thing that I could have.  But I have 2 girls.  So Trevor just cut it in half with his chopsaw - perfect. I kind of like the shorter version better anyway.  Alright, so this is what you start with:
 Paint the holder - - perfect kid job.  We did a couple of coats:
 For the letters I used this shiny silver paint from Martha Stewart.  I tried to just brush over the tops and not into the groove where the letter was stamped on.
 But of course not getting paint in the groove is impossible.  Don't worry!  That black is kind of a slick surface, so let your paint dry a little and then just scrape it out with a toothpick- easy peasy.  It doesn't get rid of everything, but it grabs most of it:

Now, I knew that if this was the end of the craft, letters would be lost and the project would get pitched.  In fact I lost letters before even starting, but then turned up again, so I started the project quick.  Anyways, my answer - super glue:
 It's kind of hard to see in the picture, but you put a squirt of super glue on that ridge where the tile touches the holder - I drew an arrow so you know where to look:
 And you're probably noticing I'm lazy and didn't paint the backs of the tiles - that's how I roll.

That's it!!  This one wanted her picture with them - - so we did that and then I had her show me how the tiles won't fall out:

This is one of those projects that has no point!  I don't know what you're going to do with these after you make them, but they're cute so it doesn't matter :)
My girls have theirs on top of their bookshelves, sitting for the world to see:

So start the hunt for scrabble tiles - you can make this!!

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14 Fabulous Comments:

This is such a cute idea! My kids would just think this awesome! Thanks!

I love this! Just perfect for kids with unique names {like my own}.

That's so cute! I'm thinking place know, when you put it at a spot on the table to show them where they sit? Would be great for parties and family get-togethers! :)

So cute! This would be fun for parties and all sorts of other gatherings!

This is so sweet!!

I'm in love with all the scrabble crafts I've seen, but these are just too darling.

I have a confession though, I could never part with my scrabble sets...I have one that is 15 years old and one that is about 4. I love them too much. I'd probably buy a new one to do crafts with. I'm just a scrabble nerd I guess, lol!!

cute mandy! i made some similar red and green versions for xmas... digging the cute kid versions

That is a very cute idea! Who wouldn't like their name displayed like that. :-) (Well, maybe someone whose name has more than 7 letters?)

Great kiddo craft! :) Looks like Abby is really impressed with hers! ;)

These are so cute! I think it is such a fun project even if there isn't a clear use for them afterwards!

Those are cute! Nameplates and gift for a game night party!

Adorable! I'm adding this to my list of fun stuff to do this summer for my kiddos. (my girls are Abby & Emmy too! :))

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