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These are notes from the classes I took at SNAP and are obviously the things that stood out to me, things I want to implement, etc – check out their blog for more info on the sessions, better pictures, fun times, etc.

First up, as I mentioned the other day, on the way from the airport to SNAP, we stopped at Cafe Rio – cause we don’t have those out here in the midwest.  It was delicious!

SEO is Search Engine Optimization – – so the class was basically about how to make your blog more noticeable when you search for things using a search site like Google.

The class was taught by Dennis Goedegebuure, who blogs at

Random info – cause that’s how I take notes:
if you have a blog and you didn’t get a chance to attend this class, here ya go – read and enjoy

  • Info-rich site — you can’t have a blog about nothing and expect great SEO
  • Have a clear hierarchy and text links (like drop-down bars)
  • Think about what words people would use to search for your post, and use those in your post (for example, someone might search for “how to make a rag rug” so I should use all those words in Rag Rug Tutorial Post)
  • link to yourself within your own content (for example, if I write a post about rolled flower necklaces, I would also link to my rolled flower tutorial)
  • DON’T: participate in link schemes, create duplicate content, or use irrelevant keywords
  • Connect Google+ to your own website so you can use your google profile picture when your website links pull up in Google
  • don’t buy links – don’t sell links
  • If you write a guest post for someone else, when you repost it on your blog, change it a little or add a paragraph to the top and bottom so it registers as a different post.
  • Use you VERY BEST content when you are Guest Posting
  • Start using Google Webmaster Tools!! (and Google Analytics, but I’m already doing that)
  • When tweeting, etc, use catchy titles – – use 70 characters
  • Structure your pages so they are visually appealing – paragraph headings, etc – images make stories more interesting (see a front-page newspaper for an example)
  • Put your keywords in your page title
  • Your first paragraph should describe the whole post – a summary paragraph
  • Write a follow-up post on all your great posts
  • Image Optimization – the file name of your picture should contain key words (example, name it “tote bag tutorial” instead of “img 104″
  • Add backposts to FB timelines, use the Google+ buttom, etc

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    I wouldn’t have known a year ago what on earth SEO was. But I do now, and realize that it’s hugely important. Important for my blog and important for my store! Thanks Mandy for the post. Love the earrings!!!♥

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