May 4, 2012

Sheets - round up of fabulousness

I thought this post was great for a "flashback Friday" because it flashes back to several of my projects - all using the best source for tons of yardage - sheets!  I originally wrote up this post for FaveCrafts around the week of Earth Day.

And now that garage sale season is here, and you're on the lookout for sheets, here's some ideas of what to do with them.

 My favorite favorite thing to repurpose is ..... SHEETS!!  They are so cheap at thrift stores and yard sales and give you so much yardage!  And they come in such a great variety of colors and patterns.

I've round up a dozen of my projects using sheets...

Rag Rug - cut those old sheets up into strips and make a rug!

Bulletin Board - wrap a ceiling tile in an old sheet and use it as a bulletin board:

 Pajama Pants - a whole family worth of pjs out of one  discarded flannel sheet set:

Pillowcase Dresses - something to make from the pillowcases that come with the sheets:
and don't forget that you use the plain white ones too - like in this Ghost Dress:
Tree Skirt - use a sheet as the base because it takes a lot of fabric:

Skirts - the possiblities are endless:
Light Box - use sheets to make a box for taking photos of small things:

Necklace - rolled flowers out of sheets can be made into necklaces and headbands:

Bag Lining - use your nice fabric on the outside, but on the inside use sheets as lining!
 Lounge Pants - use the top edge of sheets so you don't even have to hem them!

Tablecloths - great cheap way to cover tables at craft fairs and parties:

Quilts - here the white space is all from a sheet:

Thanks for letting me share my love of Upcycling Sheets!!  I pick them up whenever I see them, so I have a whole stack in my craft room, ready and waiting for the right project to come can kind of see see them in this picture, overloading the top shelf...
(more on my fabric organization tomorrow - I switched things around....)

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I never thought about using sheets before....lots of old curtains, but not sheets. Thanks for sharing this and just in time for a Friday garage sale!

I have a white sheet that has rips in it but I just can't bear to throw it out - it's so soft and bright. Now I've got some ideas! Love those lounge pants that don't require hemming!

Be sure to stop in for my 20% off sale on all my handcrafted soaps, sale ends tonight at 10 PM CDT.

Wow I now have 100 reasons to buy old sheets wherever I go! Thanks x

I like using sheets as bag lining. All the tips are awesome!

So many ideas! I usually by the sheets for rugs, but these are great ideas!

I read a blog post where a lady made a regular dress out of an old sheet and wore it. Of course someone recognized the print...

I better start checking out the sheets at my next second hand store trips!! I hope I get lucking and find some good ones so I can use some of your ideas!!

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