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These are notes from the classes I took at SNAP and are obviously the things that stood out to me, things I want to implement, etc – check out their blog for more info on the sessions, better pictures, fun times, etc.
On the first day when everyone was gathered for dinner, they introduced the team that helped put SNAP together and made it so great:

Amy from The Idea Room introduced the theme which was JUST BE YOU (and we got these amazing necklaces from Amy Cornwell - check out her amazing site ) – her main point was that YOU need to find YOUR reason to blog – it’s different for everyone.

Then Tauni got up and spoke about Social Media tools – some things that I found important:

  • Keep your presence where you readers are – you can’t do it all – (example: if most of them are on FB, then spend most your time on FB)
  • Make your twitter and your FB feeds different – everyone likes a personal message, not just something coming from a feedburner
  • KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE!  create a survey and find all about your readers – age, favorite crafts, demographics, etc)
  • Create a media kit – not just about your numbers, but about who you and your site are – include: things you’re great at, what sets you apart, number of pins on a certain post, info about your audience, etc.
  • Make a monthly newsletter to send out via email to those who are interested.
  • Know your WORTH – VALUE YOUR TIME!  Charge for giveaways, get paid for advertisements , etc.
  • Three ways to get paid: cash, product, social traffic
  • Work with brands you would use yourself, not just brands that offer

Later that night we were the debut event for Velata – pretty ingenious – – use your current at-home Scentsy warmer, get a deeper warming plate, and it’s a fondue party!!  The deeper plates and varieties of dipping chocolate are sold through Velata which is sold through Scentsy.  Yum.

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    Sounds like a great conference! I think one of the tips for SEO was having a focus for your blog. Some of us live eclectic lives, so rather than crafting, gardening, or recipes, it’s pretty much the full spectrum. That does cause a problem with SEO I think.

    I always enjoy your blog, Mandy, and the tips I learn here :-)

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