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These are notes from the classes I took at SNAP and are obviously the things that stood out to me, things I want to implement, etc – check out their blog for more info on the sessions, better pictures, fun times, etc.

This class was on “Creating a Presence in a Big Blogger World” – – it was a panel and the speakers were:
Cassity – Remodelaholic
Jamie Rose
Sarah Rae
Brooke Walker with KSL 5 (tv station)
I actually am going to divide my notes up and post the TV and newspaper media stuff tomorrow – – today I will focus on the presentation from Cassity which was about making your blog stand out.
Do you think it’s funny that the picture I took was only of my diminishing bag of candy…..

So anyways, here we go….

–the game is constantly changing!

–the look and performance of your site
–your projects
–your photography
–social media involvment
–maintaining your readership

–clean, navigable, lots of content
–personal picture, info about you
–be true to yourself and your writing style

–explained clearly
–step-by-step phonts
–interesting- throw in personal twists
–text on pictures
–don’t use full sheets of instruction (when pinned on pinterest, people don’t need to come to your site if it’s all in one image)

–space finished
–project finished
–room light
–STAGED images
–watermark non-obtrusive and clear

–blog goals? business? friendships? creative outlet?? why do you blog….

–Brand Yourself – BUY YOUR DOMAIN – use that name everywhere
–FB – instant updates
–Twitter – tag companies you love
–Pinterest – make it work for you
–comment on other blogs

–original content
–friendly short email

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    Thank you for sharing these notes! It is a bummer that I was swallowed by blogging NOW rather than 5 years ago, so it is good to hear what is important to have a successful blog for new bloggers!
    Let the journey BEGIN!

  2. says

    you know. i’ve been kicking myself for not attending snap…and was anti snap when everyone was all…look at these pictures look how much fun we had! so thank you for making me feel like i was there and giving me a rundown of all the fun stuff you learned! love you mands!

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