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These are notes from the classes I took at SNAP and are obviously the things that stood out to me, things I want to implement, etc – check out their blog for more info on the sessions, better pictures, fun times, etc.

It’s still Take-A-Look Tuesday – scroll down a post for that….

I am not really into party planning, and I wouldn’t have choosen to go to this class called Get Your Party On, except for it was an early morning class and the only one offered at that time.  I wanted to get my money’s worth out of my SNAP ticket, so if the choice was this class or no class, I’d go to this class.  I am so glad I did – it ended up being one of my very favorites.  She spoke more on life in general and not specifically on party planning – it was great.  The speaker was Cheryl Najafi and you can find her at – she has a book coming out on May 29th and I can’t wait to read it.

Things that I loved hearing:

  • Take it beyond the food – you should have “experiences” at the table.
  • Use organic things in your place settings
  • Great meals can feed the soul – memories will last a lifetime
  • Idea – trivia on placecards – break out of the mundane conversations
  • Make guests feel special – it’s all about THEM not YOU
  • Create SHAREABLE content on your blogs and others will share it
  • Embrace your best and resource the rest (she loves to decorate for parties but often hires out the food to catering)
  • Reach far with your voice – share yourself – creativity is contagious
I didn’t take any pictures – I was too enthralled in what she was saying.

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    Re. the fourth tip: We were recently at a dinner where there was a card at each plate which asked a question, e.g., ‘If you could go back in time, where and when would you choose.’ Everyone had a different question and they were all FUN.

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