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These are notes from the classes I took at SNAP and are obviously the things that stood out to me, things I want to implement, etc – check out their blog for more info on the sessions, better pictures, fun times, etc.

The keynote speaker to wrap up the conference was Matt Townsend.  Wow, he did a great job!  It was about relationships and I love hearing those sort of things anyways (I loved a marriage class Trevor and I took, enjoyed the book The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands, etc).  I thought this was appropriate to post on our anniversay, so I’m a little out of order now with my classes at SNAP.  Anyways, he took it beyond relationships with your spouse and hit on the relationship that you as a blogger have with your readers.  So great!

He did such a great job that I am going to start a monthly relationship feature here on the blog (3rd Fridays) showcasing different topics from Matt.  You can check out his Relationship Center HERE and follow him on facebook HERE.

So, first up, my notes – – but then at the bottom of this post, you can watch his whole presentation from SNAP – – it is worth seeing.  I want to get a bunch of couples together and host a date night movie night at our house and show this clip because I enjoyed it that much.

There are 7 basic Relationship Needs (Acronym STARVED)
Safety – physically, socially, emotionally, financially
Trust – character (honest, decent), competent

As a blogger….
-YOU have no clue how POWERFUL you are.
-YOU are SPARKING PEOPLE’S DIVINITY- taking them to a higher place (side note – what a concept!!  my blog is taking people to a higher place – wow)
-CHANGE the WORLD – start with yourself, your partner, your children.
–the prayer of St. Francis – Grant me to be an instrument of Thy peace
-YOU are IMPACTING millions of INCREDIBLE NOBLE SOULS (side note – that’s you!!)
-People are “STARVED” (see meaning listed above – people need those things) – you can start feeding them
-Victor Hugo – be like the bird on the too small limb – gain confidence from knowing how to connect/relate
–YOU must become the ChANGE you seek in others – Ghandi
he also quoted THIS QUOTE which I love (it was used at the conference by more than one speaker – which hit home with me because it’s so powerful!)

Want to experience a little bit of SNAP for yourself – – here ya go:

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    So fun sitting at dinner with you and listening to Matt’s awesome presentation! I am amazed at the great notes you took at SNAP!, and I have sure enjoyed your re-cap posts. :)

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    loved that presentation. I think I want to have my husband watch it too. It was great! I learned a lot just by listening to him and want to incorporate it into what I am doing. Thanks for sharing your Snap experience

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