May 23, 2012

SNAP - recap!

So, did I drive you completely crazy with all my SNAP posts??  I tried to post them in the evenings so that if you weren't interested you could just skip over them.  But for those who were interested, I wanted to share what I learned and get you excited to go to a Blog Conference yourself one day.  Maybe some of you will be at SNAP 2013.....

 There are some class overviews and that type of information over at the SNAP blog.  And when you get a chance you can browse through tons (almost 200!) of posts from other bloggers at the SNAP Recap Link Party.

In case you missed anything, here's my recaps - - obviously, there were TONS of classes, about 4 offered at every time slot, so there's lots I missed. 
(wowza, I just searched my blog for "SNAP" and came up with 84 posts where I mentioned that word - guess that was a little overboard...)

Post from SNAP - this shows how un-technical I am - I couldn't blog on the road or turn my picture....
WIWW, SNAP edition - what I wore and a basic rundown/overview of SNAP
Business Cards - loved my nanos!
SEO for bloggers - how to get high hits on searches
Predinner - theme, Just Be YOU, social media tools
Photo Tips - class from the talented Kristen Duke
Get Your Party On - one of my favorite classes!
Handmade Business - great panel with great ideas I'm implementing
Facebook Apps - facebook's a big deal
Creating a Presence - again, great panel, great ideas
Creating a Presence - from a media view
Queen Bee Market - lots of display ideas
Lion Brand Yarn - party!
Trends - fun informative panel about keeping on trend
Discover Your Style - another great panel discussion
Legal Matters  - sounds boring, but it was actually a fun presentation
Texturizing Cream - a make-and-take
Matt Townsend - keynote speaker - you can watch the whole thing - it was great!
Kate's Perspective - from the eyes of an outsider :)

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