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These are notes from the classes I took at SNAP and are obviously the things that stood out to me, things I want to implement, etc – check out their blog for more info on the sessions, better pictures, fun times, etc.

I knew I wanted to go to at least one make-and-take class, where you learn how to do a project.  Wowza, did I pick the right one!!  It was a class from Poppy Seed Projects to learn about texturizing cream.  I thought we’d be doing some sort of mini-project, but then they came in will boxes filled to the brim with full-sized projects – we were all freaking out!  See the project choices, lined up on chairs:

Here they are telling us the how-to – – basically you paint on the cream, let it dry, paint on a color (like white or black), let it dry, then paint on the color you want.  Then when you sand it’ll distress the areas with the cream and pull out the underneath color.  And to fit it all in the time frame, they had already prepped the boards with cream and base color – amazing!

I was sold and ready to buy texturizing cream right then, but I traveled carry-on only and you can’t take liquids on the plane, so I’ll have to order – you can find it HERE.  Such cool stuff!

The hardest part was deciding on a project – – I finally settled on “Hello Sunshine”.  My table, crafting away:

It was a tight squeeze (everyone wanted in on that class!)

 So we spread out to the floor:

 Someone at my table was doing the same project as me, so I stole her board and put it next to mine to show a “before and during” – – on the left is the applied vinyl, then on the right is the color painted in:

Paint choices were scarce so I used one called “pineapple” – I wish it were a darker and more vibrant color, but I counted myself lucky to have even gotten my hands on a yellow.

And my finished project – I love it!!  Obviously I just stuck it on a shelf – – I need to stage it and give it a real spot – I’m thinking if I hang it on a gray square it’ll make the yellow easier to see.  See the distressed lines running through it – that’s all thanks to the texturizing cream.

So a HUGE thanks to Poppy Seed Projects – I can’t believe that we got full-size projects and that they were prepped.  It was quite the feat to carry this on the plane, especially when my bags were already packed to the brim and I was at my carry-on limit!

Oh, and at the table over from me was Vivienne who made this masterpiece – she blogged at The V Spot all about Making Projects Work and has more fab pictures over there (go check it out!) – she ran out of paint and hers turned out the best in the room because she made it work – I LOVE it!!

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