WIWW – and earring tutorial

Yep, a tutorial on a Wednesday – unheard of!

Apparently I haven’t been dressing up much this week – nothing photo-worthy.  I did take a quick picture of what I wore to my Grandpa’s funeral – black with just a little color interest seemed appropriate:

I think I should have worn that belt a little higher, but as is it was already on the last hole – – luckily I know someone with a leather hole punch so maybe she can add a few holes for me…

So anyways, since I don’t have a lot of outfits to share, I thought I’d post a quick painted earring tutorial.

I posted this shirt on my facebook page, but lots of people said I needed big earrings with it – I like to do what you gals tell me – -

So I had these big earrings I had ordered from one of those daily deal sites for $1 – I thought I had ordered pink but they came black.  Which I didn’t care because I didn’t want pink after all.  So I thought I could paint them to match my shirt.

Maybe I should call this tutorial what-not-to-do-when-painting earrings.  I did this the evening before I was to leave for SNAP, so it was a rush job to say the least.

 I mixed up a color I thought was close to a stripe in the shirt, Then I globbed it on with a paint brush you use to paint the wall.  That was probably the first mistake – I would recommend using spray paint for this type of project.  I painted the front and back – be sure to do that because the earrings twist as you wear them.

I didn’t wait near long enough between coats of glob paint – mistake #2.  So then I tried to speed up the drying process with my blow dryer, which seemed like a good idea – it helped it dry, but clumpy because some areas would dry faster than other areas.

But hey, time was ticking so it had to work.  So then I sprayed a clear coat of spray paint on this – this was a good idea!  It gave it kind of a glossy finish and made them look more complete.  If only they weren’t clumpy under the clear, they would have been awesome.

 But, oh well, I just went with it.  I figured no one would get close enough to see the bad paint job.  And if I just kept my head moving, maybe no one could tell.

Earrings in action – don’t judge this picture!  We woke up like at 3am!  This is at our layover in Denver:

 Then when we got to Salt Lake, on our way to SNAP, we stopped at Cafe Rio because it seemed like the thing to do – mmmm

 Moral of the story – paint your earrings, just plan ahead so you have the right timeframe to do so…..

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    We ate at Cafe Rio too…it was good, but maybe it’s something more of an acquired taste. The first time I ate chipotle I didn’t like it either…so maybe if I lived there I’d love it as much as the locals do. :)

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    Funny story, so one year I decided I needed blue earrings to wear to a football game (my husband is a coach and their colors are blue/yellow). But I couldn’t find any anywhere in our small town. So I went to Claire’s and got the cheapest pair of plastic hoops I could find and I painted them! ……… With nail polish!!!! (I didn’t have blue paint, lol!) They were quite the hit that year and I still get asked if my earrings are painted with nail polish. :) (I have since invested in nicer earrings that were already blue when I bought them.)

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