WIWW – frumpy??

Another installment of the ever-popular What I Wore Wednesday – – first up, this dress.  I’ve worn it before, in the winter, with a jean jacket and boots.  But I busted it out again with sandals and an undershirt.  Remember this is the dress I bought at a thrift store cause I liked the fabric and figured I could cut it up since it was so cheap.  But then I wore it.  And now again.  It kind of has a bufont type top – really floofy and poofy – I think that may be in style right now, but I’m not sure.  So it’s either stylish or kind of frumpy – thoughts??

 And speaking of frumpy, I was telling Trevor that Old Navy was having a sale on some shorts.  He thought I had tons of shorts – I claimed I don’t.  It turns out I have several pair, but they’re just not stylish.  I think they lean towards frumpy.  I told him I’d see what you all thought….

And too funny, the next thing he said after the shorts discussion was how he needs to pick up some more ammo – – which just got me laughing because from my perspective he has TONS of ammo – – so it was like the shorts discussion, flip flopped.  So yeah, I went to Old Navy and grabbed a pair.  Hopefully pictures of those will be coming soon….

So, thoughts on the dress or shorts???  Let’s hear it!

And random, but fashion related, I won a $100 gift card from DownEast Basics – awesome!!  I came back from Girls Camp to see myself as I scrolled through facebook – wahoo!!

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    The dress….not loving. But I think it would be cute as a maxi skirt if you cut it off. The shorts…..are jorts (jean shorts=jorts). You are way too cute to wear those! I’m glad you treated yourself to a new pair Mandy!

  2. says

    You are so super cute but the dress just is not the most flattering thing you could wear (maybe you could refashion it into a maxi skirt, though, just a thought, and then it would be totally in fashion)…

    Have a great day!

  3. says

    The dress is so much cuter in real life! If you toss it, I want it before you cut it up. Kate and I both agree you should toss the shorts.

  4. says

    I think the dress would make a super cute maxi skirt. I did this to one of my maxi dresses. It was so easy, I even did it while my 2 week old hung out in the bouncer. Make it and Love it has a great tutorial for it too. I love the turquoise sandals in the second picture by the way. They look comfy and fun!

  5. says

    I think that the design of the dress isn’t very good. You could probably tweak it. Right now it makes it look like you were once 300 pounds, and lost the weight, but still have the leftover skin. lol The waste of it is just too low. But you could raise the waste, making it a shorter dress, and it would be way cute.

    I know the struggle with LDS members and shorts. I think those probably look better in person.

  6. says

    The shorts look too big and world be better just above the knee rather than right across it. I definitely agree the dress would be better as a maxi skirt too!!

  7. says

    Dress: It doesn’t work as well b/c it’s a halter top (the straps come up in a triangle shape and tie behind the neck)combined with a shirt. If you cut those to make it a strapless, it would look better, or even if you just made them straight spaghetti straps. Also, if you add a jean jacket, shrug, or even a light solid-colored cardigan on top, it would bring the outfit together a bit more.

    Shorts: I would modify the side hems to make the shorts a slimmer fit. But, buying new pairs from Old Navy works, too. :) Love that store!

  8. says

    Yeah the dress, I don’t love how low that waist is on you… just looks odd! I would cut it at that waist and even leave the edge raw or fold it over and sew it at the other seam (folded around the corded waist that’s there). It could then be worn as a tea length skirt or pulled up top possibly for a strapless dress? I don’t know if that waist is elastic or drawstring, but I’m sure you could figure something out.

    If you don’t like the length of those shorts, you could just cut them off a bit shorter and leave raw edges like cutoffs.

  9. says

    I think the dress is cute but would look better if you wore a tank under it if you feel you need something. The shirt looks…um…odd.

    The shorts, um no. Maybe for painting the nice desk Trevor made you. BTW, I so had the same idea. Already drew out the desk I want hubby to make for me. Now to get him to do it. lol

  10. says

    sorry Mandy… frumpville. : You’re cute, petite and trim… no saggy baggy for you. ;) SOMEtimes a maxi dress on a… um… vertically challenged individual doesn’t work. : The fabric for the dress is cute; maybe try a makeover on it? Take out some fabric under the top print line in the fabric and put in a solid ‘belt’ in? Or just take out some fabric and pull the drawstring waist up to an empire waist? It would pull the hem up a little… but just a little. ;) I’m making over a pair of jeans to a skirt today. Never done it before, but it’s worth a try! Good luck… post update pics if you do revamp either!!

  11. says

    I agree with the other commenter that the dress would look better converted to a maxi skirt…

    And maybe I’m in the minority on the shorts, but I think they’re kinda cute.

  12. says

    i think the dress would make and adorable racerback tank (can i have it!) AND tea length skirt! not to be worn together of course…

    the shorts would be way cuter if they weren’t denim…just saying!

  13. says

    Will you please try the dress without the top underneath? I like the dress a lot but would really like to see you wearing it without the undershirt (at most a tank with skinny straps underneath).

    Now the shorts are probably great for projects around the house but you don’t need shorts that long – that’s a really masculine (ie young guy) length of shorts so yes, you could say frumpy.

  14. says

    I agree with the majority here. The dress is cute enough but the drop waist isn’t working. It would definitely be cute as a skirt!

    As for the shorts, I think they cut your leg in a weird spot. Treat yourself to those sale shorts!

  15. says

    Where does one even buy ammo? I am glad you are going to get shorts out of the deal! Thanks so much for sharing on Monday Mingle and have a fashionable week. xoxo Nicole

  16. says

    I actually like you in the dress. I don’t think it’s frumpy at all and I kind of like the way you styled it with the tee and a messy updo. I think it works.

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