May 23, 2012

WIWW - Mint Jeans

Mint Jeans - - they're all the rage!!  I had wanted some for a while, but then I went to SNAP and everyone was wearing them (or so it seemed) and then I knew that I HAD to have them!

Of course I looked all around and they were no where to be found.  Luckily I am a facebook fan of Quincee's Boutique and they posted that a new shipment of them had arrived.  I don't live anywhere near that store, but no worries you can just email them to order.  They helped me pick a size and mailed them out THAT DAY to me.  Now that's awesome customer service!!  Check out their FB page and follow along to see great style ideas.

I've seen a few things on Pinterest about how to wear Mint Jeans, but those gals always look so great - like model-great.  So I thought I'd put together something like "how a real person can wear mint jeans".  Just so you know, this is the most work ever I've put into a What I Wore Wednesday post - creating a photo collage, wearing mint jeans every other day, etc - phew!  Normally I just dump in a few pictures into my WIWW posts and call it good.  Anyways, here we go....

It's kind of hard to tell in this picture, but this top is kind of crazy - it has a bunch of twists around the bust and a flap thing that hangs down and the whole thing kind of billows out.  I thought a top in the plain color of white but with all those factors added some visual interest that helped balance the fun-ness of the mint jeans.

Yep, I tried the color-blocking trend!  I think this was a little out of my comfort zone because of the three colors.  I am good at using a couple of colors - like I normally would have picked the mint jeans with the yellow cardigan - but adding the pop of pink was to push myself.  I like it, but I might stick to two colors just so I feel a little more comfortable.
 On this day I'm just wearing a plain tshirt but making it fun with the pop of color in accessories.  I thought that the purple necklace (of course, from Paparazzi) looked great with the mint:
And I found these shoes at Target and I love them!  They make me feel really tall and stylish, but the actual slant of the shoes is minimal so they're comfy and easy to walk it - awesome!!

Next up, a casual look with the mint jeans - just a gray striped tshirt, gray TOMS, hair in a ponytail, etc.  I liked knowing that I could dress-down in mint jeans, but still look fun and stylish.

Coral - Tangerine Tango - light orange - whatever you want to call the color of 2012, it goes great with mint!  I know this picture is kind of off and blury - preschool photographers try their best :)

 Look at this one - mixing trends!  So cutting edge :)  I am wearing a cream lace top (with a white shirt underneath) and have pops of yellow.  This is what I wore out to dinner for our anniversary.  I thought it was a little dressy because of the lace, but not too much so....

 Ah, the inescapable denim shirt - you know I'm growing to love it so of course I had to try it with the mint jeans.  I think it really worked!  I tried it with a belt and without, and they gave 2 different looks.  I think I lean towards the more causal look without the belt.

 So that's my recap on different ways I've tried to wear my mint jeans.  I really love them!!  They're fun and make me feel like I might actually be in style when I wear them.

I put together the picture collage in case some of you pin this to pinterest and want all the pictures in one spot.... (have I told you how hilarious it is to me when I see myself on Pinterest for "fashion" posts - I feel like I'm normally fashionless!)

So, do you have a favorite "look" with the mint jeans??  Any suggestions on other looks that I should try??

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22 Fabulous Comments:

I actually liked your pink and yellow combo the best. Good for you!

I like the simplicity in dressing them down. It's a younger look and a great one for a mom on the go.

Hmmm. That's a tough choice. I think it's between the first one and the gray t-shirt. But I LOVE the mint toenails♥♥

the color clocking one is my fav. i also love the lace top and the coral top look and the jean shirt belted. you look awesome as always

Love the coral with the jeans - and the belt with the denim shirt. Fun new jeans. :o)

Cute! Love how you showed off all of these versatile looks!

I think you rocked the color blocking...Three is always better than two:)) Fear not!!
I also LOVE the coral!!

I love all the looks, except I'm still trying to embrace the denim. It's just not me I guess. I LOVED the color blocking outfit, and the first outfit the best. Very fun looks! Thanks for sharing.

Love the jeans with all the looks!!!

I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love, love, love the coral colored top with the mint-colored jeans. That was, by far, my favorite outfit of your collage and I never would have thought to put the two of them together - so good job!!! :)

Color Block all the way! AMAZING~

I like the accessory pop picture- they look good with the heels!

Cute-cute! I love the coral too--and also the white, really makes the mint stand out!

For some more great ideas, check out this post from my friend Ashley (met her at SNAP!)

LOVE the lace shirt and yellow accessories! Such a cute look!

this is great! i've been thinking of doing a similar post with my pink jeans....looks great!

I love the bright colored tops with the mint jeans (the color blocking and the coral). I've been wanting colored jeans too! Need to check out Quincee's I guess!!!

OMG, LOVE LOVE LOVE! I am DYING for a pair but don't want to splurge on maternity. I hope mint is in style next summer :)

The lace top and denim are my favorite!
Happy Memorial Day!

So cute- mint jeans are on my wishlist. Love those multicolored Target shoes!
xx Kara
Sprinkles in Springs

Stopping by from Monday Mingle. Love the mint jeans, my fave outfit is the color-blocked one. Have a fashionable and fab weekend,


You rocked those jeans lady! Love them with the coral!

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