WIWW – Mint Jeans

Mint Jeans – – they’re all the rage!!  I had wanted some for a while, but then I went to SNAP and everyone was wearing them (or so it seemed) and then I knew that I HAD to have them!

Of course I looked all around and they were no where to be found.  Luckily I am a facebook fan of Quincee’s Boutique and they posted that a new shipment of them had arrived.  I don’t live anywhere near that store, but no worries you can just email them to order.  They helped me pick a size and mailed them out THAT DAY to me.  Now that’s awesome customer service!!  Check out their FB page and follow along to see great style ideas.

I’ve seen a few things on Pinterest about how to wear Mint Jeans, but those gals always look so great – like model-great.  So I thought I’d put together something like “how a real person can wear mint jeans”.  Just so you know, this is the most work ever I’ve put into a What I Wore Wednesday post – creating a photo collage, wearing mint jeans every other day, etc – phew!  Normally I just dump in a few pictures into my WIWW posts and call it good.  Anyways, here we go….

It’s kind of hard to tell in this picture, but this top is kind of crazy – it has a bunch of twists around the bust and a flap thing that hangs down and the whole thing kind of billows out.  I thought a top in the plain color of white but with all those factors added some visual interest that helped balance the fun-ness of the mint jeans.

Yep, I tried the color-blocking trend!  I think this was a little out of my comfort zone because of the three colors.  I am good at using a couple of colors – like I normally would have picked the mint jeans with the yellow cardigan – but adding the pop of pink was to push myself.  I like it, but I might stick to two colors just so I feel a little more comfortable.

 On this day I’m just wearing a plain tshirt but making it fun with the pop of color in accessories.  I thought that the purple necklace (of course, from Paparazzi) looked great with the mint:

And I found these shoes at Target and I love them!  They make me feel really tall and stylish, but the actual slant of the shoes is minimal so they’re comfy and easy to walk it – awesome!!

Next up, a casual look with the mint jeans – just a gray striped tshirt, gray TOMS, hair in a ponytail, etc.  I liked knowing that I could dress-down in mint jeans, but still look fun and stylish.

Coral – Tangerine Tango – light orange – whatever you want to call the color of 2012, it goes great with mint!  I know this picture is kind of off and blury – preschool photographers try their best :)

 Look at this one – mixing trends!  So cutting edge :)  I am wearing a cream lace top (with a white shirt underneath) and have pops of yellow.  This is what I wore out to dinner for our anniversary.  I thought it was a little dressy because of the lace, but not too much so….

 Ah, the inescapable denim shirt – you know I’m growing to love it so of course I had to try it with the mint jeans.  I think it really worked!  I tried it with a belt and without, and they gave 2 different looks.  I think I lean towards the more causal look without the belt.

 So that’s my recap on different ways I’ve tried to wear my mint jeans.  I really love them!!  They’re fun and make me feel like I might actually be in style when I wear them.

I put together the picture collage in case some of you pin this to pinterest and want all the pictures in one spot…. (have I told you how hilarious it is to me when I see myself on Pinterest for “fashion” posts – I feel like I’m normally fashionless!)

So, do you have a favorite “look” with the mint jeans??  Any suggestions on other looks that I should try??

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    I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love, love, love the coral colored top with the mint-colored jeans. That was, by far, my favorite outfit of your collage and I never would have thought to put the two of them together – so good job!!! :)

  2. says

    OMG, LOVE LOVE LOVE! I am DYING for a pair but don’t want to splurge on maternity. I hope mint is in style next summer :)

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