May 16, 2012

WIWW - target finds

You'll be excited this week - I'm showing off some new items!  Not even garage sale new-to-me, but actually new - crazy!  It's one more reason to love selling Paparazzi (I'm hooked!  I really think everyone should be doing it!) - last month they ran a promotion and I earned (on top of everything else) a $100 gift card to the clothing store of my choice.  After much debate, I settled on Target - I figured I couldn't go wrong.  I bought about 5 different things, didn't feel bad that they weren't on sale, and also bought Trevor some new sunglasses.  So fun!  Let's get started...

I had been eyeing this shirt for a while - I wanted to buy it for SNAP, but they were out of my size - I even drove to another Target to hunt it down.  Well my Target must have restocked - wahoo!  I don't know why I like it so much, but something about it called to me - - -

I've been wanting a few colored cardigans for a while - I've been on the lookout at garage sales but haven't come across any.  So I grabbed this creamy yellow one from Target - I really really like it!
This actually was on sale, which was part of the reason I got it.  Also I wanted to step out of my comfort zone a little - and these sleeves are a little out there.  But I like it!

I think I should go shopping more often - it was fun!!  I actually did do some online shopping last week - I hunted down some MINT jeans that I've just NEEDED.  I hope to wear them constantly so that next week I can do a whole WIWW about how to wear mint jeans (as if I even know what I'm doing...)

So, thoughts on these three finds??

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15 Fabulous Comments:

Love the second two selections, and not that I don't like the first, but if it were mine, it would probably get relegated to pj status. It very comfy. :-)

I love the sleeves on the third top! I am a big fan of big sleeves. lol

Mint jeans? Intriguing! I'll be on the lookout for that one. : )

You look adorbs in all your outfits, but for some reason that gray, ruffled dress is really calling to *me*! : )

Omg I'm doing a post today about the shirt in ur first pic haha... It was an awkward length for me so I shortened it! Also I have been looking for mint or teal jeans, I have bright red ones and I LOVE them and wear them all the time! Where did u find ur mint ones?

All those outfits looks great! The dress is my fave :)

Love your new tops! The stripes are really fun and I love the style of the last one. :)

I bought the teal sweater from Target, and liked it so much I went back and bought the red one, and then bought another teal one for my mother. :)

Great choices! I'm a big fan of the yellow cardigan...maybe because I have it too :)

Interested in the mint jean outfits to come!

those bright stripes are really fun, and I like the subtle laciness of the grey one.

love them all but the last two are super cute!

I think all three are super cute! The yellow cardigan is great for summer. Also the sleeves on the last shirt makes it unique, I like it!

I love all three! That first shirt is so bright and fun. Perfect for summer! Everyone needs more cardigans! And the gray one is so pretty!

I love all three! That first shirt is so bright and fun. Perfect for summer! Everyone needs more cardigans! And the gray one is so pretty!

haha, i JUST bought that last gray shirt on clearance at target! you look so cute in it! :)

Just saw you at and lOVE the first striped top and also the yellow cardigan ...super cute. I'm not sure what you meant about the sleeves, they look normal to me? pippa

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