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You’ll be excited this week – I’m showing off some new items!  Not even garage sale new-to-me, but actually new – crazy!  It’s one more reason to love selling Paparazzi (I’m hooked!  I really think everyone should be doing it!) – last month they ran a promotion and I earned (on top of everything else) a $100 gift card to the clothing store of my choice.  After much debate, I settled on Target – I figured I couldn’t go wrong.  I bought about 5 different things, didn’t feel bad that they weren’t on sale, and also bought Trevor some new sunglasses.  So fun!  Let’s get started…

I had been eyeing this shirt for a while – I wanted to buy it for SNAP, but they were out of my size – I even drove to another Target to hunt it down.  Well my Target must have restocked – wahoo!  I don’t know why I like it so much, but something about it called to me – – -

I’ve been wanting a few colored cardigans for a while – I’ve been on the lookout at garage sales but haven’t come across any.  So I grabbed this creamy yellow one from Target – I really really like it!

This actually was on sale, which was part of the reason I got it.  Also I wanted to step out of my comfort zone a little – and these sleeves are a little out there.  But I like it!

I think I should go shopping more often – it was fun!!  I actually did do some online shopping last week – I hunted down some MINT jeans that I’ve just NEEDED.  I hope to wear them constantly so that next week I can do a whole WIWW about how to wear mint jeans (as if I even know what I’m doing…)

So, thoughts on these three finds??

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  1. says

    Mint jeans? Intriguing! I’ll be on the lookout for that one. : )

    You look adorbs in all your outfits, but for some reason that gray, ruffled dress is really calling to *me*! : )

  2. says

    Omg I’m doing a post today about the shirt in ur first pic haha… It was an awkward length for me so I shortened it! Also I have been looking for mint or teal jeans, I have bright red ones and I LOVE them and wear them all the time! Where did u find ur mint ones?

  3. says

    I bought the teal sweater from Target, and liked it so much I went back and bought the red one, and then bought another teal one for my mother. :)

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