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Want to know when I made this sign – – end of August.  Yep.  I made it, LOVE it, and just wanted it to be hung in it’s spot so I could take a picture of it in my stairwell for you.  Well, it’s still sitting on the porch – our stairwell is really high, so hanging a really heavy pallet sign up is quite the ordeal.  So I thought it’s about time I shared it with you anyway….

So first off, pallet projects are everywhere – and I love them.  This was obviously inspired by this sign from
CornerHouseBlog (which, by the way, I met Laura at SNAP and heard all about a baptism dress she was  making – and she just posted it – so cute!!)

Anyways, I pinned this when I first was on Pinterest – LOVED it.  And then a pallet came my way so I knew I wanted to attempt the sign.
Let me tell you what I learned – never try to take a pallet apart!!  That was the most work I’ve ever done in my life!!  A hammer and crowbar were involved and I was sweaty and weak-muscled.  I was sore the next day!  Those things aren’t meant to be taken apart!

But I wasn’t giving up, so I busted out a rotary saw, and cut it apart instead.  Which sent my preschooler into a whole slew of questions like “did Dad say you could use that?” and “do you know how to do that?”

 So after all that, I laid out the boards and needed a way to hold them together.  Obviously I’m not great with a hammer – look how many nails I bent!  So I gave up and tried screws.

 I used several scraps of wood – none spanned the whole length of all the boards.  I was about done with the mess but Trevor fixed it for me – here’s the back after he helped (I think he might have pulled some of the ones I attached off….):

So, back in business. I painted over it white.  Then I put down the words that I had cut out of contact paper.

Then I painted over everything yellow.  I should have done a quick white coat before the yellow because I got a lot of seeping – live and learn.  I just touched it up a bunch freehand later.

And finished!!  We put it on our porch temporarily until we could get it hung over the stairwell.   Good thing I don’t mind the look of it on the porch because it’s been there over 6 months….

 And another “beauty shot” – it’s not quite this bright yellow in real life:

 So normally I end my tutorials with “you can do this – go try it!” but I don’t know if I’ll tell you that this time – I kind of wish I would have just used a bunch of boards instead of deconstructing a pallet – that was torture!

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    That sign of Laura’s got 43,000 pins! Ahh…if only I could get 1,000 pins. :) Anyways, I love your take on the sign and I’m glad you were honest about working with a pallet because I’ve been considering it, but now maybe I’ll just buy some wood :)

  2. says

    That is great! I have a couple pallets sitting around here and I’m so making one of those! It reminds me of the fact that I used to have an old Dutch Door from a weathered barn, hanging on the wall in the kitchen with cast iron skillets on it. Maybe I should try to find that again. lol

  3. says

    Love your sign! I was laughing (sorry), because I know exactly what you are talking about. I also tried to take apart a pallet to make a wooden flag…bad idea! I scrapped that idea and just collected scrap pieces of wood instead. Great job, love all the inspiration!

  4. says

    I’ve JUST been brainstorming a pallet sign, this was great timing! I couldn’t decide if I wanted to paint it or leave it with the wood, but your paint job makes me see that painting is a good option! Great job Mandy!

  5. says

    Looks great Mandy! I love the yellow you used! I just did a pallet piece and I didn’t really want to paint it.. so I didn’t, but I feel like it’s making my living room too dark so I think I’ll end up painting it eventually!

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    Hi! Love your sign! One question I always have with projects like these is…how did you stencil your letters? Did you use a cricut or something? I’m assuming you didn’t freehand it since it looks perfect. Thanks! :)

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    Mandy, hard work and all, that is what makes it one of a kind! I love it! Have you thought about investing in a nail gun? We have one that even I can use. =) You will need a small air compressor if you get one. I am seriously thinking about making us a sign for the front porch similar to this one. Maybe have something different on it though. You did a great job!

  8. says

    It turned out really well! I had to chuckle about trying to take them things apart, hubby brings them home to use for fire wood and we use to take them apart and you are right it’s not easy. We ended up doing the exact same thing you did with the skill saw; I told hubby I wasn’t pulling one more nail out and that he needed to use the saw I bought him!

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    I love this! I bet its super heavy right? I made some small pallet welcome signs for Christmas gifts… Cutting up the pallet was rough. Having to cut around nails or take them out… Love your end result though!!!

  10. says

    LOL Mandy that’s awesome!! I can’t find pallets anyway ~ thanks for the heads up ~ I’ll just go buy 1x4s. The back of your project cracked me up! thank goodness for helpful hubbies!!

  11. says

    I love it! It sounds like it was a more labor intensive project BUT the result was great! Tell us more abouyt the contact paper and lettering! xoxo

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