June 11, 2012

Camp Business Cards

Reviewing some the crafts we did at girls camp this year - - for all them listed together, see my Tips and Tricks for Girls Camp Crafts Post...

I based this idea off of all the business cards I got at SNAP - a great way to remember who I met, etc:

At camp there were girls from all different wards (congregations) but they didn't camp as those groups - they camped as levels, or ages.  So all the "1st Year" girls camped together, etc.  So girls camped with others they didn't know and got to know new friends, etc.  I thought it'd be fun to have them make Camp Business Cards so that when they met a new friend they would have that friend's contact info.

I bought the "binder rings" in bulk off of ebay.  I bought packages of business cards at Office Max.  They come in a box of 1,000 and I grabbed 2 boxes.  Each girl got one sheets, which tears into 10 business cards.  Then they could decorate the cards however they wanted.   I had instructions on the table with a list of ideas of things they could put on their cards - it said:

Camp Business Cards  - INSTRUCTIONS
1.      Take the sheet of 10 cards and FOLD along lines back and forth until cards break apart.
2.   Punch a hole in the corner of each card.
3.   Decorate your card with markers, twine, etc.  Feel free to use both sides. Ideas of things to include:
·        Your name
·        Email
·        Year in camp
·        Home ward
·        Phone number
·        Facebook and twitter handles
·        Inspirational Quote or encouraging words.
4.    Open your binder ring and string on your cards.
5.  Throughout camp, as you get to know new girls, trade cards with them so you can remember them and know how to contact them after camp.

 I thought it was a fun idea, and practical.  It wasn't a huge hit when I surveyed the girls at the end of the week - no one picked it as their favorite craft - but I still am glad we made them.

Again, this photo is from Jenika's Lens:

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Cute idea! Reminds me of when we passed around a paper at EFY and each wrote down our email addresses and AOL IM screen names. Feels so old school to talk about AOL Instant messenger! Anyways, your idea is a lot cuter than a piece of paper =)

These are super cute! I love the idea.

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