Do Over :)

Alright, let’s take a second to talk about “Do Overs” – – you know, life regrets, things you want to redo….

I want to hear from you – – what’s your “Do Over”??  

Want to know mine – – well, you get to anyways – first off, I have lots of garage sale regrets (don’t we all?!?) – if I could do it over I would have bought that $30 perfect condition loft bed 3 years ago – I’m still kicking myself for passing that one up!  But today I’m mentioning my biggest life regret….here’s a hint:

Nope – not “marrying Trevor” – -that’s right, for sure!

It’s not hiring a photographer for our wedding – argh!!  I have this one good picture that my friend Aimee happened to capture with her disposable camera.  We took other pictures, but they’re not great.  Not professional.  You know me – I love talking pictures, I love GREAT pictures, capturing the moment through photography, etc.  Why oh why didn’t we have a professional photographer?!?!  So if I were to do our wedding again, I would splurge on the photographer.  Get an awesome one.  Take group shots.  Take wedding party shots.  Take bridal shots.  Take couple shots.  Do it all!!  Take so many pictures that everyone at the reception is getting annoyed that they’re having to wait.  That’d be awesome.  So now I let every engaged couple know “get a wedding photographer! if not, you’ll regret it for life!”  There’s no going back.  Kate wanted better pictures too – – she even got back into her wedding dress a few years later to try and get some better pictures – didn’t really work.  So that’s my do-over.

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Alright, let’s here it – – do you have a do-over moment?

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    My do-over would be the same as yours. I didn’t hire a photographer for my wedding. I don’t have any good pictures. At the time, I really didn’t care about the wedding. I just wanted the marriage. So I really kept everything simple, and didn’t really think about things like a photographer. Now I really regret it.

  2. says

    I just did your do-over (sort of). We did a trash the dress shoot to make up for the lack of prof photos from our wedding and to celebrate our 15 year anniversary. Now anxiously awaiting the photos on disk :)

  3. says

    Mine is the same. I hired a lady with a camera (not a photographer:) and I hate them all! There are a couple good ones, but if I could go back I would spend all my budget on a photographer!

  4. says

    My regret is not having more children. I always planned on having 4 but after my second was born I thought that was enough. Now I wish I had at least one more. It may be, however, that my last one is about to go off to college and we’ll be empty nesters and I’m feeling sorry for myself! Oh well…maybe I’ll have lots of grandchildren some day!

  5. says

    If it will make you feel any better, some people spend a fortune on a professional photographer and have a huge book full of photos they never look at. I think the trick is to have some of your friends who are really good photographers, take spontaneous photos. Those are the ones that are the most fun anyway. JMHOM (just my humble opinion, ma’am.) :-)

  6. says

    So sad the pictures didn’t turn out. Glad you do have one good one, though. And think of all those other couples you are saving from having your same regret. I know, it’s still sad.

    Nothing major, but I saw a dress at goodwill in gorgeous condition and very well-made. Fifties, silk, big skirt, fit like a glove and it came with a matching coat. It was $25, the coat was also $25 and as a starving student, I just could not make myself spend $50 on clothes! Grrrrrr!

  7. says

    Choosing one is sooooo hard…

    But I would do-over my WHOLE wedding. If you could see a picture, you would immediatley understand why (It was my pre-crafty days)…I have been trying to do a “re-do” wedding but it’s always harder to fork out the money to re-do it after 13 years of marriage…BUT it’ll happen eventually!!!

  8. says

    My house would be mine. We bought a house from my aunt (first mistake) that was a mobile home (second mistake) on land. Property is gorgeous but the house itself we got suckered into believing would be easy to replace later. Banks changed standards, economy crashed, housing market crashed, had 3 new houses bought out from under us, etc. Been trying to fix that one for the last 8 years but our plans at every turn.

  9. says

    The photos at my wedding were pretty good, however my husbands expression…. not so much. If I could have a do-over I would have put a fan close to where we stood, poor Jason was so hot and miserable you could see it all over his face. So much for the dreams of walking up the ilse and having my groom smiling at how pretty I was lol

  10. says

    I would like to do-over my daughter’s christening as I feel that I didn’t relax and enjoy it as I should’ve as I was too worried about organising food etc. I didn’t have any pictures taken with her and the only one I have of her was one a family member took of her feeding from her bottle with someone else!!! None of the christening, none at the font and none of her with the Godparents!!!

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