June 19, 2012

Expressions Vinyl - - birthday celebration!

it's still Take-A-Look Tuesday - just scroll down a post for that fun....

I got some awesome stuff to try out for Expressions Vinyl's birthday celebration - and you could win some too!!

The festivities will include giveaways, games, coupons and the introduction of new products. The new products will include  tumblers, canvas bags, t-shirts, glitter vinyl in both adhesive and heat transfer as well as a variety of new specialty film adhesive vinyls such as neon, reflective, metalized, colored etched glass and glow in the dark.

If I were you, I would follow them on Facebook so you don't miss anything!!

Want to see what I made with the goodies?? It's several different projects poured in to one big post, so hang with me....

 First up, I dug right into the Glow-in-the-Dark Vinyl - - because how cool is that.  It's pretty thick, so if you're using a cutting machine keep that in mind (with my Cameo I had to have my blade at a 7 and thickness at 33 and use double cut).  I asked my 9 year old what we should make, and he said FLASHLIGHT!! (thank you, Night at the Museum...)

So the pictures aren't great - - I want to see you try to take pictures of a glow-in-the-dark flashlight - - it's tricky!  I probably should have gotten out my tripod, but that sounded like a lot of work.... just know that it IS AWESOME! (left is normal, on the right is glowing in a dark room)

Then I tried out the new "Chrome" vinyl - - I'm in love!  It looks just like stainless steel - - it feels kind of like foil.  IT'S AWESOME!  Once again, my camera can't capture the fabulousness. Trevor made us a cabinet for the trash can (eh, did you think I'd never tell you about how the kitchen is coming along - it's finally done!  hope to post about it soon) - and he did such a great job that now people ask "where's the trash" - so I labeled it, in chrome to match the kitchen...

And now Expressions Vinyl offers tumblers - wahoo!  I was loving the Chrome vinyl so much that I thought it'd look great on a Tumbler that the kids could make for Trevor for Father's Day - - again, looks much cooler in person....
Along with Tumblers, they also have bags - perfect!!  My to-be kindergartner was just complaining that everyone but her has a bag to take to church.  So I whipped this up for her - - using the new Heat Transfer (that means iron-on) Glitter Vinyl - - IT'S AWESOME!
 I tried to show you the glittery-ness, but once again, kind of a tricky thing to take a picture of.  Just use your glittery imagination...

The sample kit I received was worth $75-$100 - - - and guess what - you could win the same kit that I got - wahoo!!  Just use Rafflecopter to enter the giveaway:
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17 Fabulous Comments:

I'd make one of everything!! haha! For sure I'd make some personalized drinks for my daughter's softball team for the state tourney in 2 weeks!

Some of it all but I like the tumblers.
Karen dkolopez@msn.com

I think the chrome would be cool to do things around the garage-mahal, as my hubby calls it!

I think the chrome would be cool to do things around the garage-mahal, as my hubby calls it!

I really love that glow in the dark vinyl. :) Perfect for little ones, :)

WOW these samples are amazing! Thanks for a great giveaway!
babi96 at aol dot com

I love what I can see of the kitchen, and the idea of labeling the hidden trash bin, cool!

I'd soo make a cute monogram tote with the iron on!

This comment has been removed by the author.

I love your projects! I'd try my hand at making a t-shirt with some of the glitter vinyl. I haven't tried vinyl on a t-shirt yet. Thanks for the chance to win!
tcsobotka at charter dot net

The glitter and chrome vinyl would be amazing for my daughter. She loves fancy, screen-printed girly shirts but most of what she wears are hand me downs from her older brother. I could really add some bling to her wardrobe and a smile on her face without spending a lot of money.

The glow in the dark vinyl is so neat!!! :)

so many things to make...so little time.....:)

I want to make new decals for my daughters room and tie shirts, among a million other things!

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