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I think you all know how I’m obsessed with deal sites – – I love scoring a deal!!  We’ve loved deals sites for years and years, but I especially love this newer development of deals sites geared toward women – – I’m hooked for sure!  I have a new sponsor who fits the bill – – check it out:
Finger Snapper is a brand new daily deal website.  We only offer one deal a day…so if you want it you better act fast to make sure you get it before it is sold out or replaced with the next great deal.
Our slogan is “Great deals at your fingertips . . . they’ll be gone in a SNAP!”
We offer everything from cupcake liners, to craft supplies or kits, to earrings, and everything in between.  Many of our crafts are unfinished, however we will from time to time sell them finished, so if you aren’t a DIY crafter then we’ll make sure your still taken care of!
Make sure to sign up for our daily newsletter so you will be the first to know about each new deal.
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And guess what – – as a new sponsor, they have a special offer just for you – wahoo!!
And any time between today and 7/2/12, if you place an order and sign up for our newsletter, you will receive a FREE set of 3 chalkboard decals worth $6 (each decal measures 2″ x 4″)……..just enter 3FREE at checkout. 

(random sidenote – I have those chalkboard decals from them – so cute!!)

I’m so excited to welcome Finger Snapper to the Sugar Bee Crafts Sponsors!

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