Girls Camp Crafts – Wire Crafts

Reviewing some the crafts we did at girls camp this year – – for all them listed together, see my Tips and Tricks for Girls Camp Crafts Post...

oops  – – I posted this yesterday but it was supposed to be today….

Another day with 2 crafts lined up – – I like having 2 crafts because of a few reasons:
–most crafts don’t take an hour to make, and I have an hour to fill
–if there are 2 crafts, then some girls start on one and some girls start on the other, spreading out the use of tools and things like that

So first up, Wire Necklaces… which are super hard to take a picture of!!

I got the idea from The Quiet Lion – as seen here:

I love the atmosphere of Camp Crafts – everyone really seems to enjoy sitting and crafting – – maybe it’s because they’re camping in the heat of the summer and the crafts are located inside the air-conditioned lodge…

 The theme for the year was Arise and Shine forth, so I encouraged the girls to use a word like “shine” or “arise” – the theme for camp was something about Go For The Gold, so some girls made “gold”.  To prepare, each girl got a baggie with 2 jump rings, a chain already cut in half in the front with clasp attached at the back, and a piece of wire about 1 inch long.  I got the chains super cheap in bulk on ebay (here – I bought a couple of sets of 72) and the wire comes in a package of all different fun colors at Michaels.  The girls just used trial and error to bend the wire.  There were a couple of pairs of pliers at each table, but mostly it works best to use your fingers.

Remember, all the pictures at camp are from Jenika of Jenika’s Lens - -check out that site and her Psychology for Photographers (great resource for all you photographers) …

The other craft for this day was Wire Word Art…

I saw that idea over at Family Chic

The girls had fun with this one as well, although the thick wire is a little hard to bend.  I kept telling them to man up and use their muscles….

And Kate and I  – monitoring everything, keeping a close eye on the scissors after the rule break of using them to cut wire – – for this picture I told her “quick, grab some wire and make it look like we’re doing something more than sitting here and making ourselves sick on Starbursts….” (really, I had a dream I had to go to the dentist because I ate too much candy at girls camp)

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